Monday, April 20, 2009


Remember that song from the 80s (unless you are too young! :) "Just another manic Monday," well, this morning definitely fit that description! The neighbor's dog got loose, came down to my house, got inside the house and scared my little chihuahua half to death, then tried to get onto the school bus with my daughter! You should have seen me; I was still in my pajamas, yelling at this dog to "get back here" and the kids on the school bus were in hysterics! They thought it was all great fun!

my little chihuahua Sasha!

THEN, I get both kids to school and walk into the bathroom and notice that my son's gym outfit is still hanging on the rack (where I put it to dry). I wanted to scream! I threw them over my arm, tore out of the house, drove to the school and delivered them to him. Now I am sitting here wondering if I should just go back to bed and start over! :)

SOOOOO.....How was your manic morning?


  1. Oh, wow! That is a Manic Monday! Do love the song (The Bangles, right? I think my sis and I saw them at an outdoor concert years ago)... but the actual, real life version of your Manic Monday sounds too stressful. But I think it is just somehow the energy of Mondays in general, unfortunately! Hope your Monday evening was much calmer. ~ Jules @ Lovely LV

  2. WOW SIS, your house sounds like mine!!! By the way you look wonderful for 29 :):) HA HA See yoy in May!!!!!!

  3. Hey Twinkie I,

    remember how Anne used to call us that? hahaha
    Anyway...I'm having a Manic Monday...only it's Tuesday! (sigh) Someone save me!
    The only good thing about today is my vanilla iced latte (with whipped creme thank you very much!!!) - if you run across any Starbucks promotions or coupons get them posted!!!!

    Twinkie II

  4. Alisa,

    Let me know if this post comes through. The one I posted yesterday is gone!


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  6. Alisa,

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