Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Good Morning! What a lovely day I had yesterday; my teen son is in band, and they played at four Memorial Day Services at various local cemeteries. After one of the morning services, the local small town's American Legion fed everyone, including all the band kids, a wonderful breakfast of eggs, sausages, donuts, juice, milk and coffee. I was so filled with gratitude (especially for the nice, HOT coffee), that I could have kissed each and every person who contributed to that meal! It was a very chilly day, and the combination of hot liquids and food, and great fellowship, just made my morning!

On the subject of gratitude, I have been given the Attitude of Gratitude Award from Kim over at stuff could always be worse Wow! I was so surprised and delighted to receive it. She has a great blog, and a great attitude about life in general, and I highly recommend that you visit her blog, if you haven't already done so!! :)

Here are the rules of the Lemonade Award:

1.Put the logo on your blog or post
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs that show an attitude of gratitude
3. Link to your nominees within your post
4. Comment on their blogs to let them know they've received this award
5. Share the love and link to this post and the person who nominated you for the award
6. Tell us how you've come to have an attitude of gratitude

Okay, now that I have posted the rules, I'll begin by commenting on how I've come to have an attitude of gratitude. It probably started years ago, when I was growing up and observing my mom. She was always thankful for whatever she had, whether it was a bountiful garden or a comfortable bed. Her attitude was that we should all be thankful for what we HAVE, and not to worry about what we HAVE NOT. So, because of her example, I have an Attitude of Gratitude today. THANK YOU MOM!!

My nominees for this award are as follows:

I have more to list, but I am running out of time! After I get my teen kids off and running to school (yes, we still have school; we used too many snow days at our district), I will post more names and blogs.

I am back!!! I finally got the kids to school and I have had fun listing 10 bloggers to visit. It was a hard choice, but I was finally able to narrow it down. Be sure and visit them today! :)


  1. I'm glad that you had a great weekend!

  2. Aww i remember when my girl was in band and yes i did get all weepy at the memoral day parades

  3. Awwwwwwwww cool. I have to think. I only have SonyaAnn and Frances other than you. I'm sure I know more people than that :-)

  4. Thank you! You might have noticed I'm really bad about forgetting and passing them along so if you haven't seen it in a week or so, remind me! Thanks again!

  5. Helene, I was going to give it to SonyaAnn, but then I figured she'd give it to you, and then it would be a back and forth and back and forth award! :)

  6. Sounds like you had a busy day, and a good one. Good job to your son!

    Congratulations for a well deserved award, and thank you so much for including me when passing it on! I need to go off line for a bit (don't want to upset the isp! LOL) then I'll go to work figuring out if my cranky dial-up will allow me to post the badge!

  7. Hey!! Thanks for the award! Now for the awkward part, how do I copy it to my blog? These are the times that I loathe being computer illiterate!


  8. Here is what you do; right click on the pic of the lemonade stand. It will give you some options, click the "save picture as." You will be able to save it on your computer. When you go to your blog and create a post, you can then upload the photo there. Let me know if you need anymore help. Sometimes I don't explain very well! :)

  9. Thanks so much, I really appreciate it.

  10. I appreciate all the nice things you said about me, it is hard to pass it on. Doing a great job. Glad you enjoyed Memorial Day.

  11. Hi Ms. A. marie, thank you so much for this award. Greatly appreciate it. Will post this soon... God bless!