Sunday, June 28, 2009


Okay, everybody, it is far, so good....I haven't fallen down the stairs (like LAST Monday), nor have invisible no-see-ums come out of nowhere and attacked me (long story); Soooo...I'm waiting, with baited breath, to see what happens.

Melissa, over at sassy super saver has posted about the Walgreens Deals 6/28-7/4. If you are into the deals at Wags, like I am, you'll want to read her post. There isn't a whole lot going on, but there is a great Listerine scenario that looks interesting, as well as the Tums deal. If you decide to buy Tums, there is a great coupon here: Tums

You can also go to i heart wags for a more complete list of the Walgreens deals plus the listing of the RR (register reward) items. I LOVE i heart wags.

Then, the fab Danesa over at mdamborge has told me that in some Sunday papers, there was a coupon for a BOGO (buy one get one free ) Stayfree product. She also said that Dollar General has Assorted Stayfree products, 16-24 ct, on sale from 6/28-7/5 for $2.00 each. Whoa! Seriously Good Deal!! And, get this, we have a Dollar General in my Small Town! Now I just have to go cruising around to see if I can find a BOGO coupon to print out. You never know, it might be out there. If it is, I'll post it!!

Cheaps at Target: Edy's and Pepperidge Farm: Check out Hip2Save's post to learn how to snag some VERY CHEAP Edy's ice cream ($1.33) and Pepperidge Farm buns ($.70) at Target! Thanks to Mama Cheaps for the heads up on this one! :)

Anyone have any painting projects going on, or are you like me and have delayed your project(s) due to the cost? Well, get those paint brushes ready, bloggy friend, because I found THIS from Glidden:
$5 rebate on any size can or color of our new Glidden paint. To find the perfect color for your home, explore our full color palette. Then go to The Home Depot nearest you— and start rolling. You don't have to be a painter to love Glidden™. Glidden Gets You Going™. I plan to take advantage of this, because I really want to paint my kitchen!!

"I always feel like somebody's watching me...." Seriously, I am hooked on this little "money guy" that Geico has on their commercial. I even have the pic by my computer! On the subject of money, my twin sister, Teresa, found this great site:

She offers a Free Excel Check / Expense Register Spreadsheet, or, if you're one of those folks who follows the "envelopes" method of budgeting, you'll want to check out the Envelopes Check Register. It's free, too, but it works on a somewhat different level than this one. I'm all excited about this last sentence, because the envelope method is what I use, but I'm always looking for a better way of doing it!!

Do you like Veggie Tales?? If so, Here’s a fun freebie to start your week! Sign up for the e-newsletter from Big Idea and choose 1 of 3 Veggie Tales DVDs. Just pay shipping, $2.99.
It’s never too early to start Christmas shopping, right? There is no coupon code necessary, and you can even pay via PayPal. I did this, and it went through like a charm. This is going to be a Christmas Present!! YAY!! Thanks, Pocket Your Dollars and Kingdom First Mom.

Have a Great Day! :)



  1. Great Money saving Monday, a good way to start Mondays.

  2. Hi A.Marie: Thanks for stopping by my blog and encouraging comments. I hope you find some useful info on my new blog too.

    I found ALICE.COM which offers free shipping. Our local news station profiled it. Some prices are cheap, they automatically add coupons that are available and can auto ship on a schedule. So I put in a small order to see how it goes.

    I have bookmarked your blog as I LOVE saving money anyway I can. I will be back often! LOL


  3. Some great links, today, A. Marie!! Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you are having a great Monday!

  4. Great post! I'm glad that you are off to a better start this week and it looks like your computer is behaving!

  5. Hi everyone! I checked out the Alice.Com website, and I love it! I ordered some products, and really enjoyed browsing through the site. There are some great deals to be found there!

    Thanks, Anne, for tipping me off about it...And, thanks for stopping over!

    Kim, SonyaAnn, and's always a Great Day when you gals come over. I haven't been over to see you yet, Frances, but I will before the day is over. I'm babysitting today, and we are subbing on a paper route, so my time is seriously limited! :)