Friday, June 19, 2009


Wow! It's Friday already!! This week has gone by in a hurry. When I think back to Monday, it is all kind of a blur! To recap this week:
  1. Danesa and girls arrived from Ohio
  2. Funeral and "Family Reunion" afterward
  3. Teen daughter got 8 spacers put in her mouth--is in pain rest of week
  4. Worked my volunteer gig at charity/thrift store
  5. Teen niece #1 meets local boy and has a date every night that they are here
  6. #1 meets local boy, has dates, goes back to Ohio with a new boyfriend!! :)
  7. #1 wants to move to my Small Town (LOL :))
  8. Teen niece #2 has a boyfriend in OH, but who is in FL on vacation, and they are keeping in contact via computer and texting
  9. #2 is checking computer and cell phone constantly
  10. #2 went to work with me yesterday and had no cell phone service (or computer)
  11. #2 went crazy!! LOL
  12. Danesa and girls stayed until today (Friday); #1 said goodbye to new boyfriend and cried *Sigh*.......young love.....

So, that is the breakdown of my week. It has been quite the week!

Thank you for all of the nice comments that you, my bloggy friends, posted in regards to my Uncle passing away. That was very sweet of you all, and I appreciate it!!

I was reading some articles when I was cruising around, and I found this one at Common Sense With Money. I found it very informative, and I wanted to pass the info along:

The Buy Ahead Principle: Frugal Link Round Up: Freebie Greed, Coupon Myths and More

This link contains Restaurant Deals: Free Smoothies, Root Beer Floats, Ice Cream Cones and Much More courtesy of Common Sense with Money. We don't have many of them around here, but maybe there is one by you!!

YAY! Ice Cream for SonyaAnn!! :)



  1. Hope SonyaAnn is ok with all this rain. Round 2 coming. I'm not far from O'Hare and its been bad. Elec off at home so my flood control not working not that it ever does :-) but the boys are home with Alex. Streets flooded here. I turned back from going to the bank when I saw SUV's turning around. My bosses are in London and we're the ones getting the rain

    Loved your recap of your week. So cute.

  2. Oh man, Helene, I hope SonyaAnn is okay, also. We got a lot of rain yesterday morning, but that was all. Central IL seemed to be spared, but boy, oh boy, the radar over Chicago showed nasty weather yesterday and it was going to be in OH (where Danesa lives) this morning. So, she got out of here so she could get home before Round #2 starts there. UGH!

  3. Alisa, Sounda like you had a crazy week. Hopefully your weekend will be a restful one. I am sick of rain. It has rained nearly every day in June.

  4. I hope your weekend is better!! Hugs!

  5. Hello Helene, Desiree, and Q.Jeannie: Thanks for the kind words and makes me feel so loved! :)

    I am doing better; this week was wild, but I am slowly getting things back into order. At least I can now use the computer since Teen gals 1 and 2 are gone! HAHA...Aunt Alisa loves you two!! :)

    Anyway, Welcome Queenie Jeannie! I plan to post a Shout Out featuring you, my newest follower (#36...YAY!), so check back again! :)

  6. Sounds like a crazy week for you. Hopefully, things are calming down. Ya gotta love teenagers!

  7. Wow. That is a lot of teen drama!

  8. Thank you for thinking of me with the ice cream. And I deserve a couple scoops. So many people flooded and we just couldn't save them all but we tried. I'm so tired! Love you lots!