Monday, June 22, 2009


Monday Myspace Comments
Good Morning!! I have decided that Monday's are just not my day....First of all, the phone woke me up, I ran down the stairs, missed the bottom 2 stairs, and just about landed in a heap. Then, no matter what I did with my computer, it kept wanting to do what IT wanted to DO. So, I just left IT alone for awhile! HAHA.....then, I noticed that it rained again last night, and I forgot to bring in my chair cushions on the deck. Bummer. Now they are all yucky wet. Hmmmm....Monday's are out to get me!!
When IT (the computer) decided to finally let me on, I started cruising around and found a great new site: nickels-n-dimes. Ooooohhh....I really like this one. Becky has listed some great printables for:

June 21-27 CVS or Walgreens. I just printed the Walgreens ones, and plan to take them with me today. I get to go past the Big Town today, on the way to yet another teen daughter Ortho appt., and I plan to make a quick exit off the interstate to so a little shopping. I wonder how long my "quick exit" will take! :)
Common Sense With Money has a great post about a fantastic Meijer deal going on right now. Guess what store is also in the Big Town?! You got it...MEIJER! YAY!!

While I was reading about the posts at Common Sense, there was one that really caught my eye. It was a guest post written by Angela Russell from the Coupon Project. It is very informative, and I got alot out of the article! This is what it says at the bottom of the article:

"Angela is the author of The Coupon Project, a blog chronicling her real life couponing adventures. Her goal is to encourage and educate other newbie couponers how to enjoy amazing money-saving success through easy-to-follow posts. "
Anyone up for more yummy treats? Check out this one that I found over at Free Sample Freak:

Print a coupon for $1 off any medium or large frozen beverage from Baskin Robbins. Coupon is valid thru 7/18/09. Thanks Brandie!! Don't forget to sign up with Baskin Robbins Birthday Club and receive a free Ice Cream on your birthday!



  1. Glad you're ok. My pc does what it wants-shuts off any time it feels like it

  2. UMMMMMMMMMM, did this happen when I called you this morning? Sorry, sis in OHIO:)

  3. I love your manic monday symbol. I always feel that way on Mondays. You are doing a good job keeping us informed.

  4. I hate mondays always have. By tuesday i feel as if i can take on the world, but on a monday nope all chaos must be rescheduled to the next day lol

  5. Sounds like your Monday was quite a bit like mine! Here's to hoping the rest of the week is better for both of us.

  6. Thanks for the reminder to check out CVS this week. I had some ECBs to use as well as some other coupons. I went in got 2 large bottles of shampoo, dh razors, female supplies for me, 2 boxes of child allergy safe crackers and spent only 12.59 plus I got another $5.00 ECB for later use. I am so loving the CVS deals.