Sunday, July 12, 2009


Good Morning! It is finally Sunday....YAY! There is a wedding in our church today, and I am so happy that it is not raining. What is that old saying? Oh yes, "Happy is the bride that the sun doth shine upon." It is very sunshine-y here, so I'm sure she is happy!

I am super excited to have two more new followers! Let me introduce them to you:

  • Pricilla over at pricilla speaks: The blog title reads, "The Maaaaa of Pricilla; The thoughts and comments of Pricilla, the spokesgoat for Happy Goats Soap." Today's post starts out, "So I now continue the exciting tale that started yesterday. If you will recall we left Mallory looking to the side as she had heard something... Want to find out what Mallory heard?? Visit her blog and find out! It is Quite Exciting! :)

  • Brandy over at Happily Blended. She is one busy gal! This is what her About Page says, "Brandy is the owner here at Happily Blended and as a mother of three, a virtual assistant, and freelance writer she enjoys providing daily blog posts for all to read here at Happily Blended.

    Brandy can often be found turning a negative situation into a positive one, and so she felt Happily Blended was a perfect name for her blog. She can found on twitter as @brandyellen.
I spent quite alot of time yesterday visiting both of these blogs, and I can tell you that it was time very well spent. I like to "go visiting" when I have time, and yesterday, with hubby and teen son away at an air show, I had some computer time to myself!

Then, after a busy day of "visiting," cleaning carpets (ugh!), the teen daughter and I splurged and went out to the local Chinese restaurant for dinner. We have got the best little Chinese eatery in the world! Of course, I am probably just a teensy-weensy-little-bit prejudiced, but seriously, the food is awesome! If you ever come to my Small Town, that is where I will take you! :)

**Note to Pricilla...if you come to visit, please bring your sisters. I'll let you eat some of MY tasty garden lettuce! Sorry, though, I don't have any yummy horseradish! **

Today begins another Walgreen Hot Buys! I came across this at Frugal Frenzy:

  • Coppertone Sunscreen – $10.99
  • -Use $5/1 Nutrashield coupon HERE
  • -Get $10 RRs WYB 2Final Price = $1.98 for 2

**I need to stock up on some of this for teen son's band camp, which starts in August. What a great deal!! **

For more Walgreen Deals, visit Sassy Super Saver or I Heart Wags. After looking at both of these blogs, I am definitely going to do the Coppertone and Coffemate deals. Remember, the Listerine deal is part of the July month long RR deal.

I hope that all of you have a wonderful, blessed Sunday, and I'll be blogging tomorrow about my awesome bloggy award that I received! Until Tomorrow.........

A. Marie


  1. Wow you're getting a lot of followers A.Marie... Congratulations!

  2. Have a great Sunday Alisa. TTYL tomorrow

  3. came back to grab your url, I'll add it on my blog list.. take care!

  4. Gotta love when you have free time! I love reading other blogs when it's quiet here. Which reminds me I have to get off my duff and clean as my parents are coming to visit. Sigh... Can't I just have peace and blog today...LOL Sorry that's the kinda mood I am in today.

  5. I LOVE Pricilla's blog too! And don't even THINK about buying her wonderful goat soaps--you will become addicted!!! I LOVE those soaps. Buy some as a treat for yourself, you'll be glad you did.

  6. I edited your link already, thanks for letting me know.

    I love lettuce by the way hehehe..

  7. UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM..........I'll take the credit for the comment on the Sunday BLOG!!!TEEHEE I did give my sister permission to "STEAL" that comment. :) I LOVE MY SIS!!!!!