Monday, July 6, 2009


Mr. Sir Highness aka Cody The Great! HAHA!

Seriously.....what IS IT about Monday's?? First thing this morning, I was in a nice, deep sleep, you know the kind, and then.....

My old cat, the one who goes around the house and doesn't make a peep, decided to come RIGHT BESIDE MY BED and started going, "Mrow meow mrowl meowrl...."

I'm not kidding....I sat straight up and just about killed myself trying to get out of bed. My bedsheets came alive, grabbed me around the waist and ankles, and tried to imprison me as I was trying to jump out.

I seriously looked ridiculous; I'm just glad that hubby was already awake and downstairs.....if he had seen me, he would have died laughing.

Moral of this story...

Make sure that cat has a full food dish before going to bed. Mr. Sir Highness was just hungry....


oh well, now that I'm awake I might as well blog! :)

I was so excited to see that I have THREE New Followers!! How is that for EXCITING! I'd like to give a big welcome to:
  • Anne over at Disabled Not Dead (This is what she deals with on a daily basis!...."Diagnosed with Crohn's disease at age 13, in 1976 with MS at age 23, and Rheumatoid Arthritis in 1986; MS symptoms for 4 yrs b4 dx. No CRAB/interferons for MS. Only IVSM PRN. Treat w/diet, exercise, Decadron weekly, and supplements")
  • Mike
  • No Cry over at Make Internet Money

As soon as I get Mike's blog address, I'll post it so you can go over and visit him! All 3 of these blogs are very interesting, and I have enjoyed reading them. If you have time, cruise on over and visit them!

There a lots of deals going on out there in the blog-world. I am going to recap some of them, so you can get in on the savings too!
  1. Frugal Frenzy has a new link for the Home Made Simple Booklet w/the FREE Cascade Crystal Clear. Even if you have done this before, you might be able to sign up again. It's worth a try for the Freebie!

  2. It's Hip to Save has a great post on a HOT BUY on Amazon. amazon-oneida-45-piece-flatware-set-. If you are in need of some new kitchen flatware, then you'll definitely want to check this out!

  3. Together We Save has put together some Walgreens deals for her readers here: walgreens-deals and the Rite-Aid deals here: rite-aide-deal

  4. Tarasview is having a Summer Surprise Giveaway here: Tara's view of the world

  5. Common Sense With Money has got all kinds of money-saving posts going on for this week.
Hope you all have a great Monday, and if you know of any Monday Money deals, let me know!! :)


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  1. Hi there! Thanks for the shout out. I love your blog too. I put you in my Google reader so I'll be back daily.


  2. Happy Monday, A.Marie! We have cured the cats waking us up before we are ready. They have to sleep in their own room at night. Yes, we gave our 3 cats their own room. LOL! (It is also used for other things. LOL!)

  3. Oh Alisa, why is it that cats do that? Mine does the same thing. Hey ttyl

  4. congrats on the new followers! And I hate when the sheets attack!

  5. Hello there A.Marie ! We got back since Sunday but wasn't able to visit blogs till now. They got sick (diarrhea) except me. We actually brought our son to the hospital today because he is fevered (still is till now.).

    I would like to thank you all for the wonderful and encouraging words you said and left at my blogs. For the sympathy and prayers, and for those who shared their blessings to the family! May God bless you all for your compassionate hearts!

  6. Okay, if you got cat stories (especially gray cat stories!), I'm in! And, uh, three words of advice--electronic cat feeder. :)

  7. A full food bowl is the only things that gets me any rest around here.

  8. Cody the Great looks very nice in his green chair!