Sunday, July 26, 2009


I was over visiting at Dawna at A Kiss and a Peck, and she was doing a Sunday Sampler. "What Fun," I thought, so I decided to participate. For more on this, be sure and visit her blog. She has some a couple pictures of a pretty handsome little feller over there! :)

Beans, Beans, and More Beans!!

That is my new phrase, because that is all I am seeing lately; BEANS!! My little garden is producing an abundance of this deliciously-yummy veggie and I am very happy to be "seeing green!" I picked a 3 gallon bucket of them yesterday evening, and the whole time I was "singing praises to the Lord" for such a bountiful harvest.

Unfortunately, I had to get rid of my 3 cabbage plants, as I had been ignoring them, and some nasty green worm laid some kind of eggs (oh YUCK!) all over the leaves. was awful. So, I ripped them out and figured that I'll try again next year. Although, with that failure went my dreams of making coleslaw from My Own Cabbages.....oh well, that is life in the garden! :)

I also harvested a Beautiful Green Pepper; it was very tasty. I can't wait for the others to get big enough to pick. The dill is coming along very nicely, as are the tomato plants. If anyone of you want tomatoes and are coming to my Small-Town in the next few weeks, stop over and I'll give you some. That's when they'll be ready!

I can't hardly believe that I am still harvesting rhubard! I have 2 plants, and I have picked it twice, and it is almost ready for a third picking. I think it is the cool weather that has made this possible. Usually by now, with the heat and all, it has stopped producing. But, not this year!

My Mom came over yesterday when we were working in the yard, and she saw a teeny-weeny little toad, and I thought she was going to have a heart attack. I learned, for the first time, that she absolutely cannot stand frogs of any kinds. I have never seen her move So Fast!

She was in her nice skirt, blouse, and sandals (always the elegant dresser) and she was running thru my back yard, like a marathon sprinter, because my son was chasing her with it. I was almost on the ground because I was laughing hysterically. Seriously, it was sooooo funny. Think of a gazelle in a skirt! :)

I don't know who was more afraid: Mom or The Toad! I let the teeny-weeny little toad loose in my garden; I hope he makes himself all nice and comfy in there and eats lots and lots of bugs. Particularly those nasty cabbage bugs!


Reminder for Today (Monday)

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  1. rofl @ gazelle in a skirt! I am lucky not to be afraid of frogs and toads, as our car port area is full of them. I'm thinking they must gather out there to catch bugs that are attracted to the lights each evening.

    Your garden sounds great! I am ashamed to even discuss mine at this point LOL The weeks of rain got us so far behind in everything...

  2. hahahaha poor grandma, my kids love frogs hehehe... Have a great week A.Marie!