Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Today's Tuesday Edition of My Money Mission Online is focusing on college and how to Save money AND Earn money at the same time. I found this site, upromise.com and just had to share it with all of my readers. I copied and pasted the beginning paragraphs, and listed it here:

"Upromise is a simple, yet powerful idea. Join today & turn everyday spending into money for college.

Nearly a decade ago, Upromise was launched based on the philosophy that everyone should be able to afford a college education. Today, with more than 10 million members, Upromise is making that a reality for many Americans.

Simple Idea:

  • Create a college savings service that harnesses the purchasing power of parents, extended family, family, and students to make it easier to pay for college.
  • Members direct their spending to Upromise partners—including more than 600 online stores, 8,000+ restaurants, thousands of grocery and drugstore items—and earn money for college.

Powerful Results:

  • Everyone can earn money for college—parents with young children; family and friends that want to contribute; students and graduates with eligible student loans to pay.
    Many members have earned hundreds even thousands of dollars for college with their everyday spending, and have been able to use those earnings to contribute toward college tuition, expenses, or loans–quicker and easier."
There are many ways to save for college with Upromise. For easy access to the Upromise site, you can click on the link that I have provided in this post, or click on the banner that is on the right hand side of my blog (shameless plug! LOL). Seriously, though, I am really excited about the possibility of saving some $$ for my son's college fund just by doing what I like to do: SHOP!

If you do decide to sign up, remember that Upromise is a free service, and by adding your credit, debit or grocery card means that you can begin saving money for college every time you shop at participating retailers. I added my credit card, and am going to apply for the credit card that they advertise on their site. This way, I can create even MORE savings for teen son's college fund! :)

Let me know what you think about Upromise. Are some of you already signed up for this, and if so, what is the best way to "rack up the savings?"



  1. Just stopped by to say hello. It's looking like it will cost around $70,000 for Anna to go to EIU. But we have a little and should get grant money but I'm still panicking! I guess that I should look into this. Thank you for all of the wonderful info! ;)

  2. Nice, new look! I hope everyone finds you:)