Wednesday, July 1, 2009


It's Wednesday.....time for the next installment of MOM MINUTES! I had supper over at Mom's the other night, and she said that she learned this tip years ago, from her sister, and wanted to pass it along to "her" readers. I told her that she is the most popular part of my blog! :)

MOM MINUTES by Earlene:

"Years ago I learned this little tip from my younger sister. You know those plastic caps that come on the ends of hairspray, shave cream, spray starch, etc.? Well, don't throw those them for when you start seeds in the spring. They are just the perfect size to use as little mini-greenhouses, and sturdy enough to handle the growing seedlings. Place the empty caps on a cookie sheet or any other flat tray, add your soil, put in the seed(s), water a little, cover with loose plastic wrap (to help retain moisture) and then just watch them grow."

After Mom told me this tip, I just looked at her and asked her why she hadn't told me this tip years ago!! She just laughed and said that until I started this blog, she didn't think her little tips were that interesting! Now she knows that they are!! :)

This is a another tip that she gave to me years ago, and I thought that I would include it today, before I totally forget about it. It involves buying chocolate at those after Christmas/Easter/Halloween sales.

The trick is to find those chocolate Santas, Easter Bunnies, leftover chocolate bars from Halloween that the stores sell at rock-bottom prices, and buy as much as you can. When you get home, chop up the chocolate into small pieces, put into freezer bags, and "Voila!" You have chocolate baking pieces to use when making chocolate chunk cookies or to melt and use in various recipes. AND, you won't break your budget doing so, because you bought when the price was rock bottom!!

I have actually put the chocolate into the freezer straight from the store, and when it is frozen, it breaks into small pieces easily. Then I put those into freezer bags. Neat, huh?!*******************************************************

Old Navy is spoiling us with these deals lately! This Friday, July 3rd, you’ll be able to pick up Old Navy Flag Tees for the whole family for just $1.

For all of you that have already bought your shirt, if you have your reciept, they will do a price adjustment for you. Then you will have more money to spend on other things on sale in the store. Your purchase does need to be within the last 30 days---as long as it is within 30 days, it is store policy to do the price adjustment.

Big Thanks to Deal Seeking Mom and Sassy Super Saver for the Old Navy info!! :)


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  1. Wow I thought you had to buy chocolate chips! :-)
    And now I have to go find everyone's caps so I am ready for next planting season. I LOVE that tip. Thanks, mom!

  2. I told Mom the same thing...I have been buying the white rain kind with the skinny little cap (the spritz-y kind) and I'm going to switch to the kind with the large cap. :)

  3. I love mom and you! Great idea about the caps and I had no idea about the tees. Ya cheap stuff. And please tell mom thank you!