Sunday, August 16, 2009



I have been MIA, since Friday afternoon, because we are in Chicago for our little mini-vacation. Hubby likes to go to the Air and Water Show, so we made it here Friday evening, and stayed with a friend.

The show was yesterday, and it was really, really enjoyable, although it WAS a little hot! I think that the temp was around 92 degrees, but once I discovered how much cooler it was if I stood in the water, that is where I stayed for about an hour or so. My niece and I went shell hunting, and we, or should I say SHE, found some really cool ones. She is like a shell-magnet; all she had to do was look down below the surface of the water, and she'd find one!

The crowd was unbelievably HUGE!! Everywhere I looked, there were people, people, and more people! When I went to the bathroom, I almost got lost trying to find my way back to our little spot. I had to look really, really long and hard to find our "place in the sand." It was crazy; people actually set up tents, huge umbrellas, etc., and then take stakes and "stake" out their spot. Then, they wrap yellow caution tape around the stakes and it forms a large square in the sand. Then, God Forbid if anyone should dare walk inside "their" space. It really was ridiculous! There was one lady who had a large beach towel, and that was "her" space. OHMYWORD...she pitched a hissy fit because someone.....get sand....yes, sand.....on her towel. I really felt like saying, "HELLO! WE ARE ON A BEACH! DUH!" But, I didn't...I was nice. I just smiled and helped her shake off her towel. these people not think??!

Anyway, it is now Sunday, and I am typing this before we leave to come home. We took teen daughter's Senior Pictures out by the garden, and hubby and our friend are viewing them on friend's computer. They are looking good, so hopefully, out of the 20 or more shots that we took, one of them will turn out to be a winner!

Hopefully everyone is having a great weekend, and I'll be back tomorrow with more from My World! :)


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  1. Sounds like you had a little fun. When our town is going to have a parade, everyone and I mean everyone puts out police tape, blanketa, lawn chairs and those screened in lawn tents and if you as much walk on their spot, watch out and they do this two and three days before the event, people, go figure. Hope you had a great Sunday.

  2. can't wait to see some photos.... Sounds like a blast vacay for the family.

  3. I would've smacked the sand lady in the head! Good for you for being nice!!

    Welcome Back!!