Monday, August 31, 2009


**Guess where I get to go today?? That's right...the ortho dr. with teen daughter!! :)

Ever since my post yesterday, where I was lamenting the fact that my brain has turned to mush and I can't think of a thing to fix for supper, I have been revived due to the fact that I received some excellent tips from Lola over at Lola's Diner and Jeannie over at Jeannie's Happy World.

I already tried one of the recipes that Jeannie sent me, and as soon as I have her permission, I am going to post it. It was incredibly YUMMY!! SonyaAnn and Lin....I think that your family will like it as much as I did!! More on the meals later....

Then, since I was feeling all energetic, I decided to head out for a bike ride and stop at the local grocery store on the way back home. So, off I pedaled with my trusty eco-friendly bag on my shoulder and my cell phone in my pocket, just in case hubby wondered where I was, and I proceeded to bike around the town. Boy, it sure is nice to have cool weather for a change, and to feel the brisk-ness in the air. Yes, I am soooo ready for Fall!

Anyway, I made it to the grocery store and since I had my COUPONS in my eco-bag (did you really think that I'd forget them! LOL), I proceeded to snag some deals. Of course, you gals that live in Big Town/Big World get to snag INCREDIBLE deals, and I love reading about them, but, *sigh,* I gotta take what I can get!

I purchased:

(2) pkgs. Tyson fresh tenderloins @ $1.99/lb, purchased 4 lbs, *had (2) .50 off coupons

(1) Crunchy Jif peanut butter on sale for $2.00

(1) Smuckers Grape Jam $2.29 *had coupon for $1.00 off Smuckers and Jif

(1) Gallon of Skim Milk $2.29 *had coupon for $.50 off milk wyb Welch's jam

(1) Welch's Grape Jam $1.69 *had coupon for $.75 off jam

I biked home a very happy shopper! When I got home, I was looking for a Domino sugar coupon, because the local store has it on sale for $1.79, and I thought I had a coupon. I couldn't find it at the store, and I couldn't find it at home, so what's the next best thing? Searching the trusty internet, of course! Lo and behold, I found one, and I thought I'd post it and share it with all of you! I printed two and intend to go back tomorrow and buy some!
Big thanks to budget helpers for the information! Click on the pink "Print Now" button to fill out your information, and then you'll be able to print the coupon!

While I was there, I looked around Budget Help$ blog and I found *YAY* this awesome coupon for glade! It is a high value one, so hurry on over there before they are all gone. I put in the zip code that was listed, and it worked great!

RedPlum Regional Coupon ... use zipcode: 85708
"Save $3.00 on any product from The Fragrance Collection by Glade"
expires 10/31/2009

**Again, Big Thanks to Budget Helpers for the great info!! **


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  1. I bet you were so cute on you bike! My question is what would you do if you found so many good deals that you couldn't bike home with them all? ;)

  2. How lucky are you to get to go out and ride a bike. Here in Vegas It is still 90 degrees out at 9:00pm, I can't wait for cooler weather. I do think it is pretty cool That you do get out and ride your bike. I tried riding my bike to work. But most of the time its to HOT or to cold in the winter. Have a great week. Thanks for sharing all your great deals.

  3. hi riding to the store?....wish I can do that....great job! great way to exercise as well....:)

  4. SonyaAnn....believe me, no matter how much I purchase, if I have too much to fit on my bike, I can always, always find a friend in the store to drive the extra groceries home for me. That is the beauty of living in my small-town! But, usually I manage okay on my own: I have a front basket and side baskets on the back. I bought the bike from a kid who used to have a paper route, and boy, are those baskets sturdy!

    Or, sometimes, I pull the wagon up there and put all my groceries in it. It is the old wagon that I used to pull the now-teens in(little tykes?) that has high sides on it, and it fits about 4 brown paper sacks and whatever else I can pack around those. People in small-town are used to me; they just smile and wave when they see me! LOL

    Come on over sometime; we'll go grocery shopping together and see how much we can fit in the baskets and in the wagon! I'll be nice and let you have the bike! :)

    Linda and can come along, too, and sit in wagon! HAHAHAHA