Thursday, August 20, 2009


As most of you know, I absolutely love Walgreens. Those coupons that print out of the "magic machine" just make my day! Of course, if the machine is having a bad day, and nothing prints out, well, that is a whole different story! HA!

Anyway, there is a spend $25-get-$5RR deal going on for the next few days, and, from what I've read on bloggy world, the total is BEFORE coupons. That is awesome, because it is usually AFTER all coupons. I found a site that lists some great scenario's, and I listed the blog here:

Cherry Picker: Walgreen's through the rest of the week
Spend $25.00 get $5.00 Register Reward

** Big Thanks to cherry picker for the info! **

For my Wags trip yesterday, here is a rundown of what I got:

(1) $2.99 Conair brush (received $2 RR back)

(2) $3.29 Hefty BOGO** zipper bags (had .30 coupon*)

(2) $2.99 Kotex pads (used $1.00 coupon* on each, received $1 RR back)

(2) $1.29 Trident BOGO**

(1) $1.99 Welchs Grape Jelly (used $.75 coupon*)

(1) $1.29 Scope M/W Mint (Awesome Hot Deal! This usually sells for around $4.29, but it was marked "clearance" and I had a $.75 coupon*!)

(1) $8.99 Fusion Razor ($2.00 coupon*) PLUS I had a coupon* for "buy a fusion razor and receive a gillette shampoo free**" PLUS I had a $2.00 coupon* for gillette shampoo!

(1) Gillette Shampoo for above deal

(1) $1.00 Walgreens Aluminium Foil (2 @ $.50 each)

(1) $4.99 Angel Soft (Great Deal! Big 12 Roll Pack)

(1) $.39 BIC Grip Highliters 5 Pack (usually sells for around $3 something)

(3) $.42 x 3 for three HUGE butterfinger buzz candy bars (teen son was STARVED! LOL)

(1) $.49 pencil sharpener

Total OOP AFTER coupons was $25.15

Received $5 RR, $2 RR for Conair Brush, $1 RR for Kotex pads

*Total Coupons used: $7.80

**Total in Free Product: $8.57 (Hefty freezer bag, Trident Gum, Gillette Shampoo)

Some bloggers, like Maygan, over at maybefrugal, are also reporting some great savings on baby wipes. There are some in-store booklets that have a $2.00 Wags coupon. Pair that with a manufacturer coupon of $.50 or $.75 that are reportedly floating around in some coupon flyers, and you'll be able to snag some cheap (or even FREE) wipes! SWEET! :)

SO, who is up for some WAGS shopping??! Leave me a comment and tell how YOU "worked the Deal!" :)

Also, there is a super hot Carmex coupon out there and I ran across this one: Carmex: $1 Printable & Chance to Win

**Big Thanks to bargain briana for this info! I printed out two of them without any trouble! **


Does anyone know what time it is?? That's right....It's FAIR TIME! And, through Sunday, my small-town is having it's annual Small-Town Fair! WOO-HOO! My sister and I, plus our kids and my hubby, went there last evening, because, being the ever-thrifty-frugal-cheap-me, Thursday evening was Family Night, and it was FREE to get in. Usually, it is $3.00 per person, and that is just too much for my frugal little wallet to handle! We ate supper at the 4-H tent (very yummy, very reasonably-priced food). I had the Walking Taco....ever had one of those? All I can say is YUM!

Then, the entertainment for the evening, besides all of the over-priced rides, was the FREE Talent Show up in the grandstands. That was alot of fun! There are some very talented young people in this area, and it was a great way to spend an hour.

After that, hubby, son, and niece went on the Ferris Wheel, teen daughter and I played this hilarious duck game, and after spending all of our alloted $$, we went home. Luckily, we only live a few blocks away, because it started to drizzle!

So, if you are dreaming of some Awesome Fair Food, Fair Games, and Fair Rides, come on over to my Corner of the World!

Hope all of you have a Terrific Finally Friday! :)

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  1. Thanks for the linky! I've got two in dipes, so $.04-$.29 cents for wipes is a deal I was thrilled about. Now I just need to get more of those coupons!!

  2. Congrats on the Walgreens finds! You did so good. And I have to say that I still love going to the carnival! Have a great weekend.

  3. Hi Ms. A.Marie, i would like to thank you for the prayers, it really helped us a lot!