Sunday, September 20, 2009

Domino's Pizza Deals! 2 large cheese pizzas plus Cinnastix for just $10.99!

I am sooooo wishing we had a Domino's in small-town...I still remember the jingle from my college days, "Domino's pizza delivers, Domino's pizza delivers...." :)

My twin sister lives in FL, (and has a Domino's near her house), so last evening (Sunday), I went online, while she and I were on the phone, and I used Nicole's blog codes, and it worked perfectly. Two pizzas and Cinnastix for $10.99!! My sister and niece were thrilled!!

**Big Thanks to Nicoles Nickels for the yummy information!!


Have you ever heard of Book Closeouts?? I love getting books from them because they are so cheap!! They are having a couple of really big sales right now: Up to 85% off Scratch and Dent Sale and the 50% off Religion and Spirituality Sale (ends 9/21).

This is what their site says, "Choose from thousands of selected titles all reduced to 85% off list prices. Scratch and Dent books may have small imperfections but are otherwise excellent for personal use. These are all new books that have some way or another been slightly damaged in shipping, manufacturing or other means. There is no maximum to how many you can buy but please note, many titles have limited quantities and will sell out quickly. To avoid disappointment, please do not delay in making a purchase of a title you want as we do not have any more in inventory."

View the entire searchable scratch and dent sale.
All titles with the are discounted 85% off list price.

**Big Thanks to the Good Deal Gal for this reminder about the Big Sale! **



  1. Thanks for the money saving tip on books. I love to read.
    Have a great week! Linda :)

  2. Thank you for the pizza savings! And you are a wonderful sister. I was thinking about your sister the other day)the one who's husband left), how is she doing? Is this the same sister?