Thursday, September 17, 2009

Exclusive Walmart Round Table - win $500 Walmart gift cards

I love to shop at Walmart; the prices can't be beat and the selection (at least at my store) is unbeatable. It is a nice, large, roomy store that I enjoy going to, and I usually do a major shopping trip at least once a month.

That is why I was excited to find this post: Exclusive Walmart Round Table - win $500 Walmart gift cards at engineer a debt free life (who is one of Walmart's More Than Elevenmoms. This following is from Money Savin' Momma:

"If you purchase and use Great Value brand products from Walmart, you can sign up for the Walmart Round Table. But hurry, because they are only taking 200 applicants right now - but will increase the number to 20,000 later on." The post then goes on to explain what the program is and how it works.

Notice: It says they are taking only 200 applicants, so if you are interested, you'd better hurry on over there and sign up!!

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  1. You really need to come here and shop at ours :-)
    That will cure you of your Walmart happyiness :-)

    My boss has been in Bloomington yesterday and today. I think one of our client's sisters lived in your town too-a nursing home there.

  2. Hi there! You need to come here, to my small-town, and we could go shopping together at Small-Town Walgreens and Walmart! That way, you could finally shop in a friendly atmosphere and see why I LOVE those two stores! :)

    There is a nursing home in Fairbury; the name of it is Fairview Haven. It is run by the Apostolic Christian Church(I belong to this church), but those of other faiths are more than welcome to live there, also.

  3. I wish I had a nice Walmart. They are rude and look like all have been medicated. Zombies.

  4. HA HA! Zombies....And, just in time for Halloween (maybe they are in training)! LOL

    That is really too bad, seriously, that you have such a bad Wally World. But, I know what you mean...there are some Walmarts, in very large cities that I won't mention, that have got the RUDEST personnel EVER!! But, this Small-Town Walmart has friends of mine that work there, so it's fun to shop. If I run into trouble, I just hunt them down. It helps to have friends in high (or low?) places! :)

  5. The memorial check my boss made out was to a nursing home in Fairbury

    I've lived in the city too long. I wouldn't know how to handle "nice" :-)

  6. Thanks for stopping by and checking on my son. He has had a difficult time and the comments made him happy. : )
    Our Walmart is not the friendliest place either. I agree about the zombies. lol