Monday, September 28, 2009

Marching Band Happiness

How are all of you band moms doing out there?

Did you survive the Saturday competition?

The morning started out absolutely INSANE! Since I am in charge of the "Snack Wagon" this year, part of my "job" is to make sure that we have six 5-gallon coolers filled with either gatorade or water.

Okay. No big deal.

Except that every time that I turned on the outside faucet, the inside of the basement would get wet. I couldn't figure it out. At first, I thought that maybe the hose was leaking and the water was getting in through the basement window. But, the water pressure would drop.

Just then, Hubs came around that side of the house. "Hmmmmm....," he said. So, he goes down the basement steps and turns on the water. Nothing happened. Then, he kept turning it off and on It looked like someone took the sprayer and just let loose on the one side of the basement.

"I can fix this right now," says Hubs.

(inward groan from me) "How long will this take?" I said.

"It'll take me about 1/2 hour," says Hubs (famous last words)


It took a little longer than 1/2 hour, but in the end, the faucet got fixed, and the jugs got filled, and we were on our way! YAY! thought I.....It can't possibly get any worse! (famous last words)

We get to the competition, and the weather wasn't looking too bad. The kids got to their clinic, and we "band workers" had about an hour to do nothing. So, we went into the hospitality room to just sit back and relax. All was well, until someone mentioned that it was raining. We got back to the buses, and it was like someone opened the floodgates in the sky and it just POURED!!

Have you ever been in a gym with about a gazillion bored teenagers who are hyper-excited and want to have FUN??!!

It was mania, pure mania in that gym, but it was better than being in the rain. After about an hour or so, the rain finally let up enough that we could all go back outside, get out the snacks, and feed the masses.

Have you ever seen locusts desend on a field? That is exactly what those kids looked like when I got the snacks, cookies, and fruit set out. One minute I had food, the next minute I had crumbs! HA!

Happy stomachs make Happy Band Kids....They got rested up, filled up, and they went onto that field and KICKED SOME HINEY!! WHOOT-WHOOT! THEY WERE AWESOME!! They received a 1st in their class, and boy, oh boy, were they happy!

How did your band do?

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  1. A. Marie, Well that sounded a little crazy at first. It't so nice to here how involved you are with your kids, reading your blog reminds me of when my daughter was in High School. And all the Crazy events I went to. Just think you have all those memories journal here on your blog to look back at and laugh and enjoy.

    Have a great Monday, Linda :)

  2. When you had problems with the water at your house in the morning you should have know that you would have problems with water all day! I'm glad that yo and that you survived and that they did so well! Good job snack woman!

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