Tuesday, September 8, 2009


You know that it is back-to-school time when everyone starts getting a cold! UGH!!

Good Morning Everyone! I hope that all of you have recovered from your Labor Day Weekend, and that you had some nice, quality family time.

We didn't get awhole lot done around the house, due to the fact that I wasn't feeling well (cold? allergies?) and then the two teens came down with the same thing. I'm thinking virus, but, who knows?? I do know that my MIL was sort of giving me a hard time, because teen daughter stayed home from the family get-to-gether on Monday. She informed me that since it was JUST ALLERGIES, then daughter shouldn't have missed the gathering. I informed HER that if it was JUST ALLERGIES, then why was teen daughter also suffering from a sore throat and headache?? "Oh," was all she said. *SIGH,* thought I!!

MIL's...can't live with 'em, and you just can't shoot 'em! (Just kidding...I really DO like my MIL...well, most of the time, that is!) LOL :)

THANK GOODNESS FOR MY MOTHER, was all I could think of. SHE knew that the two teens were feeling all puny-like, so she and my Dad brought over some home-made rice krispy bars, scotcharoo-type bars (Oh my Goodness, they were to die for!), and chocolate-fudge-y-marshmallow-ey bars. Even though the teens were feeling puny in their heads, it sure didn't affect their tummies! LOL

And, now for the reason you all came over here: TADA!

MOM MINUTES by Earlene

Today's tip is going to be a time-saving one for the kitchen. I like to bake, as alot of you do, and I have always found that cutting my baked goods into nice, even pieces was a chore. I stumbled upon a way to get the results that I wanted without wrenching my wrist in the process!

My secret is to use a pizza cutter when I cut my pan(s) of bars or cake. I don't have any "ragged" edges when I am done, and the pieces look so nice and even. To prevent sticking, I spray the wheel with a non-stick cooking spray and it just "zips" though row after row of bars. Even sticky bars, like mashmallow treats, cut like butter with this method!


**When I first got married, I could not figure out how my Mom got her bars cut so evenly and mine looked like a toddler cut it! Then she told ME the secret, and now she is passing it on to all of you! **

And, I really, really wanted to post a picture of snow and ice, just to give Helene a heart attack again, but I refrained. And, drat, I had such a lovely one all ready to go! HA! :)

Have a great rest of the day, and if you are making any bars, cookies, cakes, etc., and feel generous, come on over to small-town and share!! I'll supply the coffee....Hint..Hint..Frances?? HAHAHAHA

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  1. I used the pizza cutter for cutting pancakes up for my kids when they were younger too. Thanks for the tip! My bars always look awful when I cut them. I'll definitely use this!

  2. Oh wow...I never, ever thought of using the pizza cutter for cutting up pancakes! That is ingenious! I'm serious....if I was blessed with an organized brain, I would have thought of that on my own! But, since I'm not, I depend on my Mom and my bloggy friends! :)

  3. Never would've thought of a pizza cutter for anything but pizza-and everyone wonders why I hate to cook :-)

  4. I love mom minutes. Please tell her I said Hello!
    I'm lucky, sort of, my MIL is wonderful. It's my bio mom that is a monster. Just be thankful that your mom is an angel!!!

  5. Hello SonyaAnn and Helene....I'll tell Mom that you like her tip! I know, my Mom is truly wonderful, and I really do like my MIL...it is just that she can be a little "different or should I say difficult" at times! :)

  6. Oh, that is not a good start to the year if you are all sick already! Hope everyone is feeling better soon!