Saturday, October 17, 2009


That is what I think Swine Flu should be named....the "Whine-y" flu!! Because, that is what I have been doing this morning!!

Teen Son, the one who has the diagnosis, is handling this alot better than me! I wanted to go REALLY BADLY, because I wanted to see Lin and Diana. This is all that I have talked about for the past week! I couldn't wait to ask Lin how she got the name of her blog, "duck and wheel with string," and I was just dying to ask Diana's advice on a new button for my other blog. She designs all kinds of cool things, and you can see them all here: diana rambles.

But, you know what the old saying is, "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade." In this case, it's going to be, "when life hands you the swine, DON'T WHINE!"

SOOOOO....I am going to put on a cheerful face, get my son some cough medicine, decongestants, breathing treatments, tamiflu, kleenexes, etc., and do it gratefully. At least the H1N1 hasn't hit him as hard as it has some children. There is some improvement in his health today, and for that, I am grateful!

So, Lin and Diana, I hope that your bands do an AWESOME JOB, and win lots of awards! There is always next year for us...son is only a 10th grader...but for now, back to being the "Swine Mom" minus the whine! :)


  1. I hope that your son feels better soon! I am not sympathetic at all when hubby and kids are sick. Well, that's not true, at FIRST I am but once their sickness starts annoying me with their whining, I'm done.

    I should probably change that...

  2. I hear you about the whining, but today, the only one doing it was ME! :)

    He is feeling better by this evening (5:20); he is still on breathing treatments, but that awful fever is down in the normal range. So much better than yesterday's 103+ range. UGH! :{

  3. Oh, A.Marie--I was so sad without you yesterday! And your band did very well in the competition, winning a lot of awards! We thought of you each time their name was called. :(

    I'm glad your son is doing better--that is very scary to have him so sick. Let's hope he gets well SOON!

    Diana and I missed you too. We sat together for the last part of the competition and awards and chatted about everything. It wasn't the same without you though, pally. Perhaps we can get together another time--ROAD TRIP!!!

  4. Oooooohhhh...I was soooo sad to have to miss it. Teen son is feeling much better, but now I am sick....UGH! This H1N1 is NASTY!! I have had the seasonal flu before, but this is waaaaay different. The virus seems to attack the lungs quite forcefully! I am now on Tamiflu and am hoping for a speedy recovery!

    I love nothing better than a ROAD TRIP! WOO-HOO!! That'll be so much FUN! :)

  5. Oh NO! I hope you are feeling better too, pally.

  6. Cute post!! So sorry about the flu in your family. It's still going strong in Oklahoma, too, even though we had it in mid-August. It isn't fun, but I agree: No Whining!! Now every time my little one coughs he thinks it's swine flu! I guess he always will. Take care and praying you don't get it, too.