Thursday, December 24, 2009


Have you ever had one of those days where everything goes haywire? Such was my day yesterday.

I'll set the stage for you:

On Tuesday, dippy dog, Sheba, ate a hole in the couch. That's right. A hole. A not just a little teeny-weeny hole, either. This is a hole big enough to put my hand through! How she accomplished this, I don't know. But, the couch cushion was on the floor and there she was, happy as can be, just chewing away! AUUGGHH!

Fast forward to yesterday: Both dogs are acting very strange. Sheba starts yakking up on the carpet (of course, it has to be the carpet! Not the linoleum!!) and I noticed that there was something strange-looking in the yaked up gunk. I looked closer and it was bits of the couch. Ooohhh..Nice. After a few more yaks, she straightened up and was fine.

Not the other dippier dog, Sasha, however.

I didn't even realize that Sasha had joined her sister, Sheba, in the couch-eating feast.

How dumb AM I?!

Anyway, after Sheba got done and was snoozing away on the floor, I started hearing THAT animals lovers know what I mean by THAT is the urp, urp, urp of yakking animal!


I ran over to the couch (of course, she just HAD to yak on the same couch!) and she was doing the same thing....bring up un-digested couch all over my couch. And, did I mention that I was trying to get my last-minute baking done during this whole thing!

I ditched the baking for awhile, and got out my couch-cleaning supplies. I'd get one mess cleaned up and then she'd make another. She yakked on the pillows, the lap blankets, the couch went on and on for about an hour. FINALLY, she was done, but she still acted odd the rest of the day. She still retched a little in the evening, but she slept with me all night and is still sleeping.

I did like a gazillion loads of laundry yesterday and there are still more yak-stuff to wash.


Like I told Lin, I am so ready to hitch a ride with Santa tonight and get outta here!! When he flies over Florida, I'm ditching him! Sunshine State (and Twin Sis)... here I come! LOL

On a happy note:

The cookies finally all got baked and the cookie plates (yep, SonyaAnn, I also love doing cookie plates!) were delivered to the neighbors last evening. It was slighly sleeting out, so teen son drove me around the block. We took the dippy dogs and Sasha started THAT SOUND again.


Nice bonding time for me and son!

Him driving in the sleeting rain and me trying to hold cookie plates and yakking dog.

It was a fun time had by all!! :)

I hope you all have a very nice Christmas Eve! We open presents tonight and I am looking so forward to just hanging out with the family and (hopefully) non-yakking animals!!
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  1. Oh, my! You DO need a Florida vacation! Merry Christmas to you!

  2. I feel for you. When I first moved to Chicago I got a puppy. Somehow he learned how to unzip the couch cushions and was eating the foam and spitting it out bit by bit. I got home from work one day and found that it snowed foam bits all over my living room. Wondering WTH? I just zipped the cushions back up and put them back. Next day, same thing. I went to Jo Ann Fabrics and got a new foam piece cut, took out the old, put in the new and sewed the zipper pull to the end of the cushions. All of them. No more foam snow! He actually was unzipping them!

  3. Oh my!!! I hope you have a better day today! Have a wonderful Christmas!