Friday, December 11, 2009


Oh my...where to start? Kimmie's 2 children are having a very, very hard time dealing with the loss of their Mom. One goes around in a trance, and the other one just cries and argues. Thankfully, their Aunt has tons and tons of patience. I would not be able to handle it as well as she has.

Why is it that when someone dies, family members that have been absent for YEARS come crawling out of the woodwork to "grieve." Honestly!! Where were they when she was SICK? NOWHERE! just makes me want to scream! Then, these same "grieving family members" just want to pick fights, cuss, and generally make life miserable for those around them. If I was in charge, I'd be kicking them all to the curb. But, thank goodness, when this is all over, they will all go back to where they came from.

In about an hour, the visitation starts, and that is going to be hard. I haven't seen her yet, and I am kind of dreading it. But, I have to do this, and once I get there, I will be okay.

So, I hope that all of you are having a good Friday and that the weather is a little warmer where you are. It isn't too bad here, 32 degrees right now, and the sun is shining!

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  1. Be strong! I know what you mean about the "grieving family". When my best friend's mom died, her three living sister's arrived (my friend's aunts) who had not seen or spoken to the deceased for YEARS and then pretty much argued with one another in front of the CASKET! They argued over who picked the dress, who bought the biggest flower arrangemeng...on and on it went.

    All you can do is show grace and know that you are there for your friend and show her the respect that she deserves.

    Be well, my friend.

  2. Oh, thank you for your comment. I am reading this on Saturday morning, at 5:30am, and it was just what I needed to read! You are such a wonderful bloggy friend!

  3. They will crawl back under their rocks just like crabs....but friends like you will stick by Kim's 2 children through thick and thin.
    It must have been a surreal viewing your friend.
    She is now one of your guardian angels. She will be with you always dropping feathers in your path to show you she it there.
    Peggy xxx

  4. I hope all is well.
    "Then, these same "grieving family members" just want to pick fights, cuss, and generally make life miserable for those around them."
    You put into words what I have been complaining about for years. They use a funeral as a way to get attention and be seen. They are mad at some family member and they start a terrible fight. It's just so low class! They should shut up and try for once to think of someone other than themselves!
    Love to you,