Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I haven't posted a really good deal-i-o lately, but for you chocolate lovers, I have one for you!

Even though Christmas and Valentine's Day have come and gone, that means GREAT DEALS on candy from Fannie Mae!

Here is how you can get this deal: (this comes from little people wealth)

STEP ONE: Start at Ebates and use their link into Fannie May. If you are not currently an Ebates account holder then you will get an additional $5 when you sign up (making those chocolate hearts free!)

STEP TWO: Choose what you want. The sale items can be found through the "specials" link (and there is currently also a banner that links to them). The cheapest item is $3.50 (4 oz of chocolates in a heart). I think the 8 oz foil hearts would be a great choice! ($4.50).

STEP THREE: Checkout and use the code 10565 to get free shipping on any amount! I do not know how long this code will last.

STEP FOUR: Ebates will automatically credit your account with another 7% of your purchase!

After the rebate and coupon the lowest cost item (4 oz chocolates in a heart) is only $3.25 shipped!

I ordered the foil hearts for my Mom. The gummies were all sold out, so if you want the hearts, you'd better hurry!!! My Grand Total with tax was $4.78. SWEET!!!!

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  1. This is a good deal.
    What is Ebates? And if you have a link or something, I'll join under you.
    Have a great day!

  2. Ebates is awesome!

    With online rebates from Ebates, it is so easy to save some cash! You can get discount coupons, cash back, and online coupons; for instance, with this deal, if you clicked on the Ebates link above (this link is my referral link), you'd receive $5.00 in your account for being a new member, plus you'd also get 7 percent cash back in your account from your Fannie Mae purchase.

    So, if you ordered $10 worth of product, you'd get .70 back in your account. I know it doesn't seem like much, but those small amounts add up quickly! :)

  3. I get way to much chocolate for the Kids at school. I'm still working on the candy from Christmas not to mention Valentine candy!

    I have never heard of Fannie Mae Till my sister in-law who is from Chicago brought some back from a visit. Yummy!