Monday, March 1, 2010


Just when things start getting a little bit better around here, then BAM!!...things go weird again!

Teen son was just starting to feel a bit better from his knee surgery this past Thursday and was getting up and about. He even went to church with us yesterday morning.

However, when we got home he was feeling really tired. So, he rested on the couch for about an hour and then got up to do some homework.

After an hour, his head started to hurt him and he was feeling really strange. So, he laid back down on the couch (this was about 3:30) and stayed there all evening.

By 8:00pm, he was vomiting and had a fever. UGH!!!

At 1:00 am, his fever was 101. So, guess who won't be going back to school today?! He is really bummed, because he hates to miss school.

I'm just "living the dream" and trying to say sane!!

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  1. I hear you. Shane is staying home today, too. Although he's beginning to eat solid food again, his jaws are terribly swollen and he finally broke down overnight and took one of the prescription pain killers. He's just in too much pain to be able to work (it must be bad, because I've often seen him work when I know he was in pain). He goes in for a follow-up today, so I hope they can give him some good news.

  2. LOVE the cartoon!!!! IF you don't mind, I'm going to make a copy and post it on my door at work. Maybe people will leave me alone for today!

    Lindsey Petersen

  3. Annie Jones: UGH...I hope he starts feeling better SOON! I remember having my wisdom teeth out; the one that gave me the most trouble had a dry socket..Oh My Gosh..I was in sooooo much pain! :{ Be sure and update us as to how his follow up appt. goes!

    Lindsay, feel free to copy and paste away! :) I happened to find this online and thought it was soooo funny. I found it on a free jokes-sharealaugh site. It said that everything was okay to copy and paste on websites!

  4. I hope he feels better soon! Yuck!
    I wish I could return Mondays too...

  5. Send my love to him.
    Could it be something that he is taking that is causing him too be sick? DJ got really sick(we think) from steroids. Sorry just playing DR mom!

  6. So sorry to here about your son. I will try to send some good vibes your way and maybe your Tuesday will be better than your Monday!