Thursday, May 20, 2010


I was on my FB page this morning, and someone had posted a question for me. They wanted to know if I keep all of the freebies that I send away for and if I have them stockpiled in containers all over my house! I had to laugh at that one! I can just imagine it now....I could put them in rubbermaid containers, throw a cloth over the top and use them as footstools in the living room!

Seriously, though, I told this person that I send away for every freebie that I can get my hot little hands on, but, no, I don't keep them all. There is always someone that can use the samples/freebies that I receive. I give them away to friends and relatives, I send some to my sister in FL, and I also take them to the missions in Big Town.

What do all of you do with your freebies/samples that you receive? Have you even "done a deal" somewhere and got, like, 14 boxes of cereal for little or nothing? If so, did you keep them all or give them away? I "did a deal" awhile back, at Walgreens, and used some of my catalinas to purchase bags of sugar that were on sale. My Mom loves to bake, and sugar gets expensive. I gave her 5 bags of sugar and I paid little or nothing OOP for them. Boy, was she ever happy!!


I forgot to post about my poor cat, Spaz. He was attacked by a large animal the other day, and is in rough shape right now. He didn't come home Monday night, and my son and I looked and looked (in the rain, I might add) for about an hour and could not find him. Finally, I went to bed but I got back up at 2pm to look for him. At 6am, I found him by our birdbath, and he had 2 large wounds on either side of his body. My poor baby! I rushed him to the vet and they got him all cleaned up, put him on antibiotics, gave him fluids and he is now recovering in my laundry room. It just breaks my heart!

Trust me on this one, he totally lives up to his name! When he was younger, he and his brother and sister were outside and they found a flower that had some bees flying around it. The other 2 looked at that flower and they were backing up as if to say, "Whoa, bees....we're outta here!" but not Spaz. Nope, he just sat there, watching them, kind of batting them with his paws and swiveling his head to look at me and I just KNOW that he was saying, "Whoa, bees, WHAT FUN! I want to play with them!" He is a BIG CAT but, ummm, a little SLOW when it comes to common sense. I think that is why he is in the shape that he is in right now. He probably found a big dog and went right up to it. UGH!

Spaz (the white one) and his brother Oreo (the smart one!) :)



  1. I don't get that many freebies and samples, but when I do, I put them with our camping gear if it's something like shampoo or lotion.

    I hope Spaz recovers soon!

  2. I'm so sorry about Spaz! I hope he gets better soon.
    As for freebies, I usually give them away too. not that I get many...