Thursday, June 10, 2010


Seriously! Of all the dumb things I could possibly do, I did the dumbest yesterday.

I offered to help my son's friend get some drive time in...using my vehicle...



What was I thinking??? I mean, seriously, what WAS I thinking???

Here is how this went:

He got behind the wheel and did all of the proper adjusting of the mirrors, seat, etc. I thought to myself, "good, good, he's doing all the proper procedures." Then, he got ready to back out and I noticed that he didn't have his seat belt on. Not so good. I reminded him of it and he put it on. Okay. Good. We're ready.

OH MY GOODNESS...."We" were not so ready....OH MY GOODNESS...I can't even begin to describe what happened next....

He backed up okay and got into the proper lane and braked. Really hard. The van rocked forward and backward and stopped. He put it into drive and started going. This is where the trouble started. I realized he had no idea how to steer. He veered to the left and went into the wrong lane. Then he veered to the right and we ended up in the grass. I told him to drive into the cemetery (which was a little ways off to the right) and I'm not kidding.....he barely managed to navigate that turn. By now, there was a van behind us who thought we were crazy. My neighbors, who live 3 doors down, thought I was driving drunk!!!

I had him drive around the cemetery and he was doing pretty good. Okay, I told him. We're ready to go out into the country. My son and another friend, who were in the passenger seats, were tightening their seat belts and preparing for death....

SO, we pull out of the cemetery and I yelled out the window to the neighbors, "PRAY FOR ME!!" and off we went. About 3 miles down the road, I told him that there was a road, to the right, about a mile away, and I wanted him to turn, to the right, at the mile marker.

About 1/2 mile away I reminded him....he didn't slow down.

About 1/4 mile away I reminded him....he didn't slow down...

We were almost to the turn and I'm yelling, "slow down, slow down" and do you know what he did? He slammed on the brakes and came to a complete stop.


The van that was behind us had to take to the ditch (thank goodness that the ditch was shallow) to avoid hitting us. I told teen driver to just turn to the right and get off of the main road. The driver of the van just shook his head, after seeing a teen driver behind the wheel, and drove off. I, on the other hand, needed an IV full of Prozac by this time.

We managed to make it to a little ice cream shop, that a farmer-family owns, and we all got out. My son and his other teen friend literally dropped to the ground and started kissing it. I could not stop laughing; it was soooo funny to see them.

We got the ice cream and guess who did NOT drive back to my house....yep, teen son's friend. My teen son, who is a licensed driver, got behind the wheel and showed his friend how it is done.

My husband just about had a fit and has banned me from ever doing this again. On this issue, I am obeying him completely!!!!

Please tell me what stupid things you have done lately!!! :)



  1. Oh my gosh! At least person and property weren't damaged.

    I took my teen son out driving for the 3rd time several weeks ago. (Haven't taken him out since, because I'm still trying to recover.)

    He doesn't get the concept of 'start slowing down now', and ends up slamming on the brakes. Ok, I can deal with that, he always managed to stop in time. His turns are either way to wide, or just about into the ditch. Ok, to the point...he insists on driving to my ex's Mom's house to show off. I decide that isn't a good idea and drive to her subdivision, then we switch places so he can drive. He drives to her house ok, but then has to park in the cul de sac. It's circular. He pulls in too far from the curb and backs up to correct and BAM! Hits the neighbor's mailbox. Fortunately he just slightly loosened the box from the post and the post was now at an angle. I got out, righted the post and inspected the damage. The box just needed to be more securely attached to the post. My car had a few scratches and a tiny dent. He just missed hitting the mailbox with my tail light. Thank goodness! I knocked on the neighbors door to explain while my son cowered in the car. Nice!

  2. I am laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes...oh my had quite the experience! If I ever get any Prozac by IV, I'll share it with you!! lol

  3. Oh wow! You were way too nice to let him drive! My daughter just started drivers ed on Monday, but has been driving for us 3/4 of year so far, so she's pretty good.
    I hope he gets some driving time in with him parents... on a deserted road somewhere.

  4. This makes me so glad I started teaching my daughter (Kat's mom) to drive very early, like around 8 years old. I'd take her out in the country and let her sit in my lap to steer. Once she was too big for my lap, I let her start steering and using the accelerator and brake. Not long after that, I switched to a manual transmission and she learned to drive that.

    By the time she was 16, all she had to do was learn the rules of the road and learn how to parallel park. She did take driver's ed for the insurance discount, but her instructor said she had had learned most of it already.

    Now Kat's a different sort of kid and I think Shane is going to have to be the one who braves teaching her!

  5. OH......MY.....GOD!! I think I would have been out of that car much sooner than you were. And kissing the ground as well.

    I am so glad that you all made it home safely!

  6. Sorry to laugh at your near heart attack but I've done this before!!! God help you Honey!
    "This is where the trouble started."-That is my favorite line!!