Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So today I get to drive to BIG TOWN which is next to Big Town which is next to my Small Town. And, because of all of the road construction taking place, I am dreading this like you can't believe. There is just something about sitting in bumper to bumper traffic that makes me want to jump out of the van and dance to Lady Gaga. Seriously.

What do you think that flaggers would do if I came out of my van looking like this?? Personally, I think if I looked like the pic above, the traffic would get moving rather quickly! I mean, Geez Louise, L. Gaga, this is why conditioner was invented!! That would tame those split ends rather nicely, don't ya think?? Not sure what to do about those horns sticking out of your head though!!

Anyhoo...back to the driving to BIG TOWN part....I tend to get distracted...that is how my little brain works!

I absolutely hate road construction. I understand that it is creating jobs for people and all, but honestly, it makes a Long Drive even LONGER! Okay...Complaining is over. On to the next random topic.

We are having our shower surround replaced and our bathtub reglazed by the wonderful folks over at Miracle Method. I am so excited! We had been having trouble with the old shower surround...it is leaking and old and causing all kinds of problems. I had been talking with a friend of mine at church, and she highly recommended them. They are coming this morning to start and I'll update you (with pics, hopefully) as soon as I get back.


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  1. Congrats on your shower surround! and I hate road construction too. YUCK!