Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I woke up this morning, kind of bummed and groggy, because the lovely 3 day weekend is over and it's back to reality! As I was sipping my coffee and reading facebook, I came across a message from one of my favorite FB/Blogspot blogs, House of Collums, and she was letting me know that she'd compiled a list of her 25 favorite frugal blogs and that my blog was one of them!

Oh My Word!! That was the end of being bummed and groggy!! What an honor! I immediately let out a squeal of excitement and my hubby, who is used to me just sitting in front of my computer like a bump on a log, knew that something was up. He looked over at me and said, "ummm, you okay?" What an understatement! LOL

To read the entire article, go here:
House of Collums my 25 favorite frugal blogs.


It's always hard to get back into the swing of things after a 3-day weekend. Especially when it's a good 3-day weekend! We did some work in the yard and around the house, but still found time to go on an impromptu drive to Evergreen Lake yesterday. That was a ton of fun! We had the dogs with us, plus our teen son (teen daughter chose to stay home), and it was nice to just get away for awhile and enjoy the sights and sounds of a lake. My hubby and son hunted for stones and spent time improving their awesome stone skipping talents (hubby was the winner with 7 skips), I walked the dogs along the waters edge and enjoyed the scenery, and then we stopped by Subway for supper and came home, very rested and refreshed. It just does a person good to get away for awhile.

What did you do for Labor Day?



  1. Your Monday sounded like our Sunday. We are so awful...we found out that some uninvited and unwelcome company MIGHT be stopping by, so we made sure we weren't home...LOL! We went out for lunch at a great homestyle cafe that in the past has always been too busy for us to try, and then afterward, Shane and Kat went fishing at one of the local lakes while I sat in a nearby lounge chair and read a book. It was very relaxing and we were glad we did it. We never relax at home...there's always something that needs to be done.

  2. Good for you!! Getting away, even for an afternoon, is such a great way to relax.

  3. Yeah, for you! Our weekend was very mellow - and I never really got to sleep in so today felt like any other. Bummer...

  4. I saw you were mentioned!! Congrats!! As for my Labor Day... nothing exciting, met my parents for breakfast, cooked supper for my sister in law.

  5. I labored and then some! Getting ready for a big dinner at our house this weekend.

  6. "Oh My Word!!"-You are the sweets thing! Anyone that says that gets a gold star for the day, little miss wholesome!

  7. Thanks, Stacey and Together We Save...I've been on Cloud 9 all day!

    McVal...you poor thing...having to "labor" on your Labor Day! UGH! Hope your big dinner is a success!! :)

    SonyaAnn...I say, "Oh My Word" alot...trust me. The band kids laugh at me!! I get it from my Grandma...she used to say that or she'd say, "Oh Goodness." Gotta love Grandma's! :) YAY for my gold star!!!! hahahahaha