Monday, October 18, 2010


look can see my neon-green gum... lol

Okay, so the Marching Band competiton was AWESOME, the weather was BRILLIANT, the tailgating was FUN, but the best-est part was meeting up with my blog pally, Lin, from duck and wheel with string! Talk about terrific! She met me by the dvd table, and I recognized her (from her blog pics) right away. Pretty soon, we were talking and laughing like old friends, but yesterday was the first time we had ever met outside of bloggy world. Hubby and the teens got to meet her, and since they have heard me talk about Lin and Hobbes, they felt like they knew her!

After we hugged each other once more, and teen daughter and I were walking back to our section, it dawned on me how powerful and far-reaching bloggy world is. Here is this person that I had never known before I started blogging, and through the communication tool known as the internet and Blogger, I was able to meet her and form a cyber-friendship with her. How cool is that?

This experience has shown me that even though miles and miles of highway separate me from alot of you bloggers, all of you are only an internet connection away. And, these bloggy friendships that I am forming with you are very special. All of you are unique in your own way and all of you are teaching me alot about my world, the world around me, and the world as it is happening in your corner of it. For that, I am very grateful!

And, yes, Lin, Jamie and I are most definitely fighting over who gets Hobbes picture. She took it, and I am going to ransack her room until I find it!! lol



  1. I'm so glad we got together, pally! You are so right about this blogging world being so far-reaching and wonderful. I honestly have to say that I have not met a "bad" blogger yet. Those I have met in person are incredibly wonderful people--you included!

    So, while you are laughing about your green gum, I'm thinking I look like a giant PEZ--my head looks HUGE atop that sweatshirt! Hahaha!

  2. Oh that is so cool! I want to meet more bloggy friends!...