Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pizza Hut® Book It Program®

There are only forty-four sounds in the English language. And all of those forty-four sounds – every ending, blending, and diphthong – can be found in Goodnight Moon and Make Way for Ducklings and Charlotte’s Web~The Read-Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease

My kids enjoyed the Pizza Hut®  Book It Program® when they were in grade school.  Best of all, they LOVED it when they met their monthly reading goal and were rewarded with a free, one-topping Personal Pan Pizza, BOOK IT! card and backpack clip. 
However, I didn't realize that this program is also open to parents who homeschool their children!  Awesome!  Enrollment for the 2011-2012 school year, for homeschoolers, begins on May 1, 2011.  You can sign up for an enrollment reminder.  How convenient is that! 
(The Book it Program is for children in grades K-6.)
Hope you're all having wonderful day!  We didn't get too much snow in my area of Central IL, but we have relatives in Ohio who are getting quite a bit!  Stay Warm!  :)

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  1. Our elementary school used to do that same program thru pizza hut. I remember my son would read so many books, then he'd bring home a gift certificate for Pizza hut.
    I didn't realize the promotion was still going on! cool!