Monday, January 24, 2011

SPRING IS HERE! is....if this little beauty and 30 other of his/her pallies have anything to say about it!  My neighbor called me to tell me that the trees in our shared back yard area were full of robins....lots and lots of them.  They were making all kinds of noises, eating dried-up hackberries that were still on the trees, and leaving nice orange-colored evidence of their presence (ie birdie poopy all over the place!)  lol

All in all, it was a very nice change of pace to the usual quieter-than-quiet morning atmosphere outside.  It actually sounded like spring!  I just stood outside and watched them fly around and talk amongst themselves.  I'm sure that this is what Mrs. Robin was saying to Mr. Robin: "Harold, I TOLD you to take that left turn coming out of Orlando!  Now look where we ILLINOIS!  And, there is still SNOW on the ground!  You just wait, time those TomToms go on sale at Walmart, we are totally going to get one!!"  


Anyhoo, how is your Monday morning going?  Hubby took a spill on the ice Saturday, and is walking around with his right arm in a shoulder immobilizer.  And he is right-handed. Yay. Fun.Times.Around.Here.  Based on the xrays that were done in the ER, he might have a slight fracture.  We are waiting on a call from the Ortho doctor to see when his appointment is.  One thing is for is NEVER dull around our household!

Have a great day everyone!



  1. Yesterday we counted five doves and one robin in our crab apple tree. I saw blue jays and a beautiful cardinal there last week.

  2. We have no birds here(IL/WI border) It's a bit odd. If they are smart they will stay by you. It's cold as snot here.
    And I hope that your hubs gets better soon and if he gets a cast, keep me away from him!

  3. I was wondering what happened! I saw your post on FB. Today is in the 20s here! YAY! The rest of the week it drops in single digits I think...