Monday, January 17, 2011


So, more snow/ice is in the forecast for my little corner of the world.  Great. Just Great.  It's days like this that remind me of how LUCKY my twin sister is to be able to live in Florida!!  :)

Oh well, I can no more control the weather than I can the future, so since I can't change it, I'll just accept the fact that I'd better round up that snow shovel and boots and prepare for battle..snow battle, that is! 

Even though it is MLK day, and school is not in session, teen son has an ACT review this morning, at the high school, from 8-noon.  We had to purchase a calculator for him to use in Algebra II this sememster, and he is also able to use it on the ACT, so he's going to be "breaking it in" today at the review.  I, for one, couldn't believe how much graphing calculators cost!  We purchased the TI-84 and the cost was around $120+.  For that price, the thing should just GIVE him the answers!  lol

Seriously, though, if we could not have afforded to purchase this item, he would have been at a serious disadvantage.  I am just glad that we were able to buy it, and he should be set now, in the way of calculators, for the rest of his high school (and college) math.  Hoping so and crossing my fingers!!!

Then, teen daughter lost her rubberbands that she has to use for her braces.  She lost them at church, of all places.  Seriously.  At Church.  How does someone lose rubberbands at church?? Apparently, she had the package in her pocket and it fell out.  Who carries a package of rubberbands in their pocket to church?  Apparently, teen daughter does!!  UGH! 

 I am so disgusted at her.  Those were all of the bands that the ortho doc gave her at the last visit (2 wks. ago) and we don't have another appt. for 2 weeks.  I have no idea if they can mail some to us or not.....I sincerely hope they can, because it is an hour and 20 minutes ONE WAY to get to the orthodontist.  *sigh*

Which leaves me with this parting thought:

Years ago, my Mom told me that the two items that got her through motherhood were (a) the Bible, and (b) a bottle of Tylenol.  I am adding a third: (c) nerve medicine!   HAHA!  :)

Hope you all have a terrific day.  If you are in my area, stay warm.  If you are in a nice, beautiful, sunny, warm climate, enjoy yourself and send some of that warmth and sun to my spot on this earth! 


  1. Having had braces myself, I think maybe your daughter left them on purpose. ;) Mine crossed from inside to out, bottom to top, so I was always biting through them and snapping myself.

    We were supposed to have had frizzle here this morning, but it's already well above freezing, so it's just drizzle.

  2. Wow! I am very glad that my daughter doesn't have to wear rubberbands like that!

    One good thing that came out of this: my SIL lives in the town where the ortho doctor practices. So, she is going to get the bands and mail them to us. I owe her big time, or, rather, teen daughter owes her big time!!!!!!!

  3. LOL! So the nerve meds would be Valium right? I hope you have some coupons!

  4. McVal...lots and LOTS of Valium....If I could get some coupons for it AND get it really cheap, I would totally stock up on it! LOL

  5. When my older son was needing that particular calculator, I was dreading it because of the price. Well, I was managing a homeschool bookstore and someone left one there after an enrichment class. I held it in lost and found for WEEKS, finally, we took it. I felt bad about it but at the same time, it was a blessing. My younger son will probably be needing one before I know it and I'm sure the cost will be higher!