Monday, April 25, 2011


I cannot believe that Easter came and went and I didn't even get anything posted about the glorious event!!  It was on my mind to do so all day, but, as with most good intentions, it didn't get any farther than my thoughts.  But, I hope that all of you had a very Blessed Day and that you were able to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus!   


Since Easter was so late in April this year, I was kind of shocked when I realized that the month of May is just right around the corner; it's this coming Sunday!  Yikes!!  When did that happen?  It seems that with all of this rain, cold, wind, rain, cold, and wind that we have been experiencing, I have mentally reverted back to a winter mentality.  But, Spring is definitely here...the Calendar says so! 

With that in mind, I was reading over at one of my favorite blogs, The Sits Girls, and she was talking about making May Baskets.  I haven't thought about making those in years!  I did receive one last year, from my cousin's kids that live right down the road from us, and it was so fun to receive!  They did the whole "ding-dong ditch" but I caught them anyway as they were running to their Mom's van!  It was so cute! 

So, if you have any leftover Easter candy that you'd like to do something with {besides eat!}, then this would be the perfect idea for you to do.  Check out their site to read about, and view, some awesome May Day Baskets



  1. I was just thinking about this, this last week! We did this when I was a little girl, but we would just pick dandelions and other flowering weed to put in the little basket. We would do the "ding-dong ditch" too. How funny! Those were the days! Didn't need a bunch of fancy toys.

  2. We used to do that all the time for our neighbors and only about 3 ever reciprocated... So I'm thinking we'll just do it for those 3 this year...
    When you ring the bell, you have to RUN! Because you don't want to get caught and kissed.

  3. Denise, how cute!! Dandelions and other flowering weeds are sooo pretty! I bet your neighbors were tickled to get them! :)

    McVal, I never knew that if you get caught you get kissed!! Who Knew!!!! LOL ;)