Thursday, June 30, 2011

FREE ID Tags from

Here is another FREEBIE that you can sign up for! Just head on over to to score FREE FinishTags. You’ll receive 2 luggage FinishTags, 1 key FinishTag, 1 bike FinishTag, 2 shoe FinishTags, and 1 FinishTag wallet ID! Scroll down and look to the right, then fill out your info to score your FREE FinishTags!  Never heard of Finishsafe?  This is what it says on their website:

  • When you wear lightweight, durable FinishTags™, you make it easy for medics to access your FinishSafe™ profile anywhere. Racing, training, around the town or around the block, you are always protected with FinishTags™.
  • Specially created for your key chain, shoe laces, gym bag, bike, and wallet, these tags go wherever you do and tell medics you’re protected by FinishSafe™. The tags also provide complete instructions for accessing your medical information anytime, day or night. Get yours today for free when you sign up for FinishSafe™.

I signed up my hubby...he loves to ride his bike all over the countryside, and if something were ever to happen to him on those back roads, at least he'd have some identifying information on him.  I like the idea of the bike tag for him!  *Thanks, Hip2Save!

I have been SUPER BUSY this week working in my yard and garden.  The weather has been much cooler here, thank goodness, although it is supposed to start warming up today and hover around 98 degrees by tomorrow.  But, that's okay.  I'll just spend more time on my computer scouting out the deals and less time outside!!   :)



  1. Good tip! The weather is warming up around here too. Supposed to be the 90s for the next few days.

  2. Hi, I discovered your blog through Adgitize. I think your post about freebie tags from Finish Safe is great. My parents will really find the shoelace, key and luggage tags useful :)

  3. is already 81 degrees here, at 7:30am, and the sky is dark. I hope it rains...everything is sooooo dry!!!!

    teecup: WELCOME! :)