Thursday, May 21, 2009


My "Old Boy" Cody...He is 13 yrs
Well, we have all made it to FINALLY FRIDAY! We had an 8th grade promotion last evening, and tonight, we have a high school graduation to attend. I enjoy going, but since our school does not have air conditioning, it gets VERY HOT in that gym.

I found some great deals and advice when I was doing my usual cruising around bloggy world. To start off, I was over at Alicia's blog at cheap or free thats for me, and she mentioned about having a printable Country Time lemonade coupon! I had just checked there a few days ago, and I never saw it. But, I went this morning, and there it was!! I was able to print off two; since we are in charge of a family reunion in a few weeks, and we provide the drinks, this will be a very inexpensive (and delicious!) drink to serve!! Woo-Hoo!! Print them ASAP, because I predict that this coupon will go fast.......:):) **Thank you Alicia!! **

Then, I came across this great post about how to possibly print those coupons that just sometimes REFUSE to print. Here is what she says: "Ever run into a link that someone has posted that is the actual "bricks" URL (not the website it was extracted from) and you can't print it? Wanna know why? It's because they extracted it on a computer that was using an internet browser which is NOT the one you're currently using...." For more about this, click here : Mommy's Wish List: Change Bricks URLs to print on your browser. She gives all the details!! A Big Thanks to Lea Ann at mommyswishlist for the fantastic article!

MARS REAL CHOCOLATE RELIEF ACT!! Brandie over at free sample freak has the info on this freebie. I didn't have any trouble getting through, and hubby will be very excited to have some free chocolate!! :) **Thank you Brandie!!**

Any other great deals that you know of?? Let me know, and I'll be sure to post it and give you the credit!! A Little Linky Love Makes The World Go 'Round.....:):)


  1. Thank you so much! Jump with me I got free chocolate!!! And I'm heading over to see about the lemonade!

  2. Thanks for the bloggy love link! I'm sure we're all doing a happy dance now that we have have unraveled the mysteries of printing bricks!

  3. Yeah....Happy dance for the free chocolate, almost free lemonade, and solving the printing mystery!! :):)Woo-Hoo!

  4. I need some choc right now. Have fun at grad. I may be going too.

  5. Sonya Ann sent me. Love your blog! I am now following you. I know that's a skeery thought, just try not to think about it. LOL

  6. Hello Together We Save and Dan River Mama!! Thanks for visiting and I am going to stroll by your blogs sometime this evening. I hope to be able to do some blogging after the graduation! :)

  7. Hey! Hope you had fun with the graduation. I need help finding deals on travel - we are doing a road trip to Florida in July (crazy, I know) and have to do it as inexpensively as possible. Any deals on finding free gas cards or good hotel deals, I'd love to know about them! You are the queen of this you know!

  8. Hey Lady,

    Congrats on being the Friends Friday pick from Miss Sonya Ann : ). Hope you have a lovely weekend... I'm going try to get some of that free chocolate... yummy, yummy... if only I could enjoy it right away ; ).

    Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

  9. Hi all of you wonderful, wonderful bloggy friends!! It was so much fun to finally be able to sit down last evening, and now this morning to find all of these comments!!

    Stacey: I am going to see what deals I can come up with for you. I'll do my mental song that I sing, "I am working the deals, oh yeah I'm working the deals..."

    Jules: Isn't Sonya Ann the BEST!! It was such a great surprise and honor...I was in such a good mood yesterday because of her!

    :):):):) Sending everyone great, big, Sticky-Sweet SMILES!!!