Friday, June 5, 2009


Since the kid's have been out of school since Tuesday, every day has seemed like Friday. I don't know why....but, my schedule has been all out of whack!! When I woke up this morning, I really thought it was Saturday!! But, after some coffee, my head has cleared, and now I am ready to blog. Of course, as I am sitting here, another song is running thru my head, "I can see clearly now the rain is gone." That is because as I look outside, the sun is shining and not a cloud in the sky! Okay, Stacey, QUICK!, who wrote that song?? Anybody else know?

Today I go back to the Big Town for yet another dr. appt. *Sigh* BUT, since today is NATIONAL DONUT DAY, (yep, you heard me right, there is an actual day celebrating that yummy, delicious, gooey, calorie-laden-but-oh-so-yummy treat), I am going to get one!! Reports are that Dunkin Donuts AND KrispyKreme are giving away donuts. But, check with your store to see if they are participating. **After reading some other blogs, it appears that no purchase is necessary at Krispy Kreme, but you must purchase a beverage at Dunkin to get the free donut. ****Which one is your favorite?? I prefer a dunkin, because to me, the krispy's are very "lardy" tasting.****

FREE Chocolate from Mars...get a coupon and choose what kind of chocolate you want (you can get up to 4 of them) until Sept. 25, 2009. This is limited to 250,000 coupons so I don't think it will run as long as the promotion is set for!
I already received mine in the kids and hubby are VERY happy!!

** I read a very interesting article about this on Common Sense With Money:
She says, "I don’t know if you have noticed but the makers of the major competing brand now make Chocolate Candy instead of milk chocolate products. If you are major chocoholic, this is something you may want to learn a bit more about. " I'm not into all things chocolate, but I did find the above link very informative.

On the subject of all things chocolate, there is another great sample to sign up for on start sampling. This one is for a FREE single FLING™ and $1.00 off One Multipack of FLING™
* seems this is limited to residents of CA, OR, or WA! **

Check out the other great samples to sign up for at start sampling; there is a shampoo sample and one for bodywash. Like all other sample sites, these go fast, so you'll want to zoom over there and get yours before they are all gone!

Well, I'm off to the Big Town; I'll let you know if I was able to get my free donut! Let me know if you got yours! (SonyaAnn!) :):)


  1. Okay so I finally figured out this award thing and now I, my friend, have nominated YOU for the "Lovely Blog Award." You can come by my site later on and check it out!

    Have an awesome day!

  2. Some great deals today! Thank you!
    Unfortunately, I don't think we have either of those two donut places around here, but that might be a good thing, as I really do like me a good donut but really, it's about the last thing I need! ;-)
    Definitely going to check out the chocolate goodies. Lucky for me I'm in Oregon!