Thursday, June 4, 2009


GOOD MORNING! I was excited to check my e-mails, and there was one from kraft foods. It appears that their coupons have been re-set, so I was able to print out some more Country Time Lemonade and General Foods International Coffee coupons. Woo-Hoo! Check out the site and print them while they are still available; these coupons go FAST!!!

On the subject of all things thrifty, it has been so lovely and cool here that I haven't had to run the AC. YAY! This means a lovely $$ savings on my bill. Because of the wonderful breezes blowing through the house, it has been very comfortable here. My son has asthma, and when it get hot and humid outside, he finds it very hard to breathe. So, we run the AC for his comfort.

As I was cruising thru bloggy world, I saw this on Common Sense With Money. JCPenney is offering $10 of your purchase of $10 or more when you use the code GR8DAD in your online order. Shipping starts at $4.50 or you could choose store pick up. Don’t forget that you could save even more by getting 4% cash back via Ebates.
If you are ordering a larger item, you can try using the codes THNKX2U through 6/6 on orders over $49, or the code BBFREE9C through 7/6 on orders over $69 to get free shipping. I was really excited to find this, because my teen son needs some new clothes! I am definitely checking this out!!

I found this new site coupon bug; I was able to print some awesome cereal coupons here. Then I went here: coupons ( and printed out even more! Woo-Hoo for Printable Coupons!!

When I was visiting Alyssa at kingdom first mom, she posted about Quiznos: Buy One Toasty Torpedo Get One @ 50% off! (BOGO). The link to print this fab coupons is here: print 2 before they are gone! I just printed mine, and plan to use it when I go to the Big Town tomorrow. It says on the bottom of the coupon that the sandwich is only $4 every day; this means that I will be able to get TWO for only $6.00.
That makes it $3.00 per Torpedo. I am going to try the Turkey Club; I'll let you know how it tastes!! :)

If you are a Quiznos fan, be sure to sign up for the Q Club to receive another coupon by email for a free sammie and free cookie on your Birthday. I AM SIGNING UP! I LOVE FREE FOOD!!

I do my volunteer work at the local charity store today; I can't wait to see what great deals I find....After all, everything in there is either $.33, $.49, or $.99.....At those prices, I can afford to buy something that I maybe don't necessarily need but absolutely WANT! HAHA! :)

*** A Big Thanks to Common Sense With Money and Alyssa over at Kingdom First Mom(Keeping the Kingdom First) for their great posts! ***


  1. Wow keep up the volunteer work..

    About your?? on sponsored post, it is a post where somebody pay you to make a post about their product or services. An advertising or promotion campaign of sort.. You may buzz me if u are interested in joining, its actually a good source of extra income for doing what you love, blogging... I'll give u the links if u are interested.

  2. Awesome deals! Thanks for all the scoops... and cool that you haven't had to run the A/C yet... I so wish I could say the same!

    Happy Thursday to you!

    Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

  3. I wish we hadn't run the AC yet! We pretty much have to run it year round. Ugh! The price we pay to live in Texas! LOL!

  4. Wow - have lots of good info here. No AC yet? I wish I could say the same.

  5. We haven't had to run the AC either, though we are still having to run the furnace at night! I can't believe that it is still getting into the mid 40's at night and it's June!
    This was one of your best $ saving posts ever! Please keep up the good work.

  6. Oooh...what fun...I got home from my volunteer gig and found all of these comments!! Thanks, everyone for reading and commenting!!

    SonyaAnn...awwww..thanks for your post. It's always fun when you bop on over to visit, and then you left me such a nice comment....thank you thank you! :)

  7. We have a NO AC pact this year and so far have been sticking to it. My husband and I have both grown up in hot climates with no AC and we've done it before, so hopefully we can stick to it. Electric/gas is our biggest bill.