Sunday, June 14, 2009


GOOD MORNING!! Today we are going to a family reunion (on hubby's side), and we are in charge of it this year. So, after stressing about it all day yesterday, then leaving the pasta salad, with mayo in it, out on the cupboard for 5 hours yesterday (I took it out to make room for something else in the frig and FORGOT TO PUT IT BACK IN .....UGH!), then forgetting to set the Cool Whip out for the jello salad (ever make cool whip jello salad with frozen cool whip??), I am totally ready for it to be over! LOL!!!

I pitched the pasta salad, because I was having nightmares about people getting sick from it, my mother quickly boiled some eggs yesterday and made a bunch of deviled eggs (to replace my salad), so that is one thing I don't have to worry about. My list of foods that I am bringing are:

Chicken breasts made with cream of mushroom soup
Mashed potatoes
Deviled Eggs
Baby Carrots
Jello Salad
Butter Bread with Cherry Filling

How does it sound?? Please tell me that I am not the only one stresses over reunions!!! :)

I was reading through my e-mails this morning, and since we have a lot of birthday's this month, I am starting to receive e-mails from the places that I signed up to get birthday freebies for the family. I am always skeptical about signing up, because I never know if I am going to get anything. But, I am happy to report that the following places are legit, and they really do send you something. So, here is my list (with the links, if I did this right):

Blizzard Fan Club- They send you a e-mail coupon for a Free 16oz. Blizzard Treat (with the purchase of another 16oz. blizzard treat)

Noodles & Company- Sign up for Noodlegrams and you'll get the latest news and deals, fresh from the sauté. Before you know it, they'll email you a special offer, a free dish on your birthday and a surprise on your Noodlegram anniversary.

Arbys Extras- Receive a special offer in your inbox once you join. For the birthday deal, they sent me an e-mail with a coupon for a Free! Swirl Shake with any Roastburger Sandwich purchase. Since I am going to be on the road a few times in the next few weeks, for teen daughter's ortho appts, (first spacers, then the braces!), a yummy sandwith with this shake sounds wonderful!! Since daughter is going to have a "mouth full of metal, I be kind and let her have the shake! :)

Old Country Buffet - This is my FAV place to eat. I love buffets, just love them, and even though the nearest OCB is about an hour away, I am definitely dragging the family along to use this one. They send you a certificate for a FREE buffet meal, with the purchase of one adult buffet meal. You can redeem your certificate at:

Old Country Buffet
HomeTown Buffet
Country Buffet
Fire Mountain
If I receive any more offers, I'll post them! Feel free to comment on what great offers you have received for your birthday!!


  1. oh my. your list is mouth-watering. :D

    so silly of me, your customized signature has been in my post for like two days now, and i completely forgot to tell you about it!

    anyway, head over to my blog so you can grab it! :) hope to see you there :)

  2. Hi Ms. A.Marie, i hate hosting a party, it is very stressful... Ouch for your salad hehehe...

    My wife is very fond of signing up stuff and oftentimes she would receive free stuff from them..

  3. Sorry about your salad, but if you family is anything like mine, they would take devilled eggs over pasta salad any day! Hope you had a wonderful time!

  4. Hello Everyone!! The reunion was a success, and my meal turned out fine..except that I added too much water to my mushroom soup, and it turned out like mushroom soup with chicken pieces in it. Sooooo, I took out all of the cooked chicken, put it into a square casserole dish, and smothered it in BBQ sauce. All I can say is YUM!! Even teen son liked it!! :)

    I'll come over to your blog kayE...I can't wait to get it....thank you thank you!! You are a doll! :)

    Thanks, Joops, for coming over!! Frances, you are totally right! Everyone LOVED the eggs....So, I didn't feel too bad about the salad after that! YAY to my mother for making them....everything tastes so much better when Mom makes it! :)

  5. I hate having to cook for a crowd. When my dad died we did most of the cooking. It was so hard. We fed 70 people after the service. And we had about 20 people at our house every night for about 3 days. So I understand how you can worry. The mental pictures are upsetting. Just thinking about the entire family puking at once because of something I made was enough to send me over the edge!
    I'm so glad that it all turned out alright for you.
    I'm sorry that I'm not making my rounds like before but the kids are out of school and making me nuts! Summer fun.

  6. Hey twin - your story about your pasta salad had me in stictches! I did the same thing a couple of years back when I had to head down to Palm Bay for a dinner at Donna's. Let's just say that I found out that the potato salad at the local Publix supermarket tasted just as good as my homemade potato salad WOULD have tasted had I not left it in the trunk of my car all day long! DUH! I checked out your freebies link and signed up for the Dairy Queen and Arby's coupons. The other places aren't around here - remember...I am living in a swamp in Florida. Nothing down here but heat, bugs and alligators! Save Me!!