Saturday, June 13, 2009


HELLO EVERYONE!! Well, I think that I am back among the living....after 2 days of feeling like a walking zombie, due to a sinus brain-fog, I can once again blog and feel like whatever I type isn't going to come out like zkzkzkaiakdlial!! LOL (I just HAD to re-use my zombie award, because those chickens are what I have looked like the past 2 days....HAHAHA..LOL)

Today is my weekly Super Sensational Shout-Out, where I feature one or two blogs that I have stumbled upon during the week and really enjoyed. But, before I post those, I just have to tell you that SOMEONE HAS A BLOGGY CRUSH ON ME! Yep, Frances, over at Looking For Deals has me listed on her Bloggy Crush List. I didn't even know that such a list existed!! Woo-Hoo...I was sooooo excited!! This award is great fun, as I get to now list those that I have a bloggy crush on!
I have some Bloggy Crushes of my own!

Bloggy Crushes, almost every blogger has them. If you can't log on to check your own blog, without checking certain other blogs for updates... If you feel a wave of sadness upon finding that they have posted nothing new recently... If you find yourself repeating their posts to other folks, who have no clue what the heck a "blog" even is, you have a bloggy crush!
My Bloggy Crush List

There are more, but I think 11 is enough for now!

I would also like to introduce my two new followers, Maygan over at Maybe Frugal, and Rose over at Obstacles and Glories. I have really enjoyed reading their posts, and getting to know them a little bit more, and I encourage you to go and visit them whenever you have time!! :)

Today's Super Sensational Shout Out goes to....TADA....Shauni over at Juggling Teens. Since I have two teenagers of my own, I always enjoy finding bloggers that post about their teens. Her blog is a must-read for those of you who have kids in this age group or for anyone who just enjoys meeting new bloggers and making new bloggy friends!! Stop on over there today and leave her a nice comment!! :)

There are tons and tons of deals out there on bloggy world today: I'm going to post the link to the ones that I have found:

Free Sample Freak (awesome Father's Day Freebies and High Dollar Boston Market coupon!)

Tara's View Of The World (Father's Day Gift Guide & Giveaways)

Frugal Frenzy (Dollar General Coupon for 10-20% off 6/13-6/14 ONLY)

Hip 2 Save (SUPER HOT $2 coupon for Listerine or one other participating product)
That is all for now....I hope you enjoy your Saturday and get alot done!! Teen son is playing in a parade today with the band. The Super Small town that is about 11 miles away from us has their annual heritage day celebration (or something like that). For a town their size (SMALL), they sure get alot done. So, that is where I will be spending the afternoon. I just hope that the rain stays north of us (Sorry all my north-of-central-IL bloggy friends!) :)


  1. A.Marie, I am so glad you are feeling better!! I'm going to check out some of your bloggy crushes. They may become mine as well.

    (But I am pouting that I didn't make your list. LOL! I guess I am going to have to get more interesting!)

  2. Hey, thanks! I've never seen that one before! How awesome!

  3. wonderful bloggy friend....I didn't forget you!! You were listed as "Looking for Deals;" I went to your blog and just copied and pasted what was on my top search engine bar. But, I changed it to say, "Looking forward to a more frugal 2009." You were number seven on the list; You should have been FIRST!! Then, you would have found it. So, you can un-pout and get happy!! Come on, Frances, do the Happy Dance with ME! :):)

  4. Hi Ace! I was too late to let you know that I gave you this award; I'll stop by and visit your blog and tell you anyway!

    And, Frances, you ARE interesting, my i-have-a-bloggy-crush-on-you and you-have-a-bloggy-crush-on-me bloggy friend!! LOL!!

  5. I have a crush on your blog too!

  6. I am happy dancing with you, A.Marie. And I was only kidding about the pouting. I found some great blogs through your list, so was happy to see it.

  7. A. Marie ~ You are such a sweetie! Thanks for the bloggy crush award. How cool and what an honour to get it from you! It was my first : ).

    Hope you have a great weekend! Sorry for the limited commenting lately, but I have been reading!

    Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

  8. I am glad you are feeling better, and you made me blush. I have a bloggy crush on yours too. I love reading your blogs.