Monday, June 1, 2009


Well, I got back from the Big Town, and I am tired but happy! The dr. appt. went just fine, and I found some awesome deals at Walgreens.

They have Dawn dish soap 10.3oz on sale for $.99, limit 2, and I had two $.50 coupons. So, I snagged 2 of those for $1.00 (plus tax). Then, I saw in the ad where they had JIF peanut butter 18 oz (my favorite) or smuckers 20 oz $3.29 as a bogo, limit 2. In my cart went those!! Also, they have a Tresemme hair care products deal going on where you buy 3/$12.00 and get $5.00 back in RR (register rewards).

Sometimes, I am leery of the RRs, because they don't always print out! Well, the deal went thru just fine, and now I have $5.00 to spend when I go back for my next dr. appt. this Friday. That'll be another dr./shopping day. I try to find the silver lining on dark clouds whenever I can! :):)

So, to recap the deal:
(2) Dawn dish soap $ 1.00
(3) Tresemme shampoo $12.00
(2) JIF peanut butter $3.29
Total $16.29
RR $5.00
TOTAL $11.29 plus tax (paid for it with my Walgreens Gift Card)
SO, total out-of-pocket (OP) was ZERO!!

YAY for Walgreens and RRs!! :)

If you have a Walgreens nearby, stop in and check it out for yourself! The sales fliers are usually by the front door; they have some pretty decent Walgreen coupons to clip and use. Those are located in various spots in the flyer. You can combine the Walgreen coupon with a manufacturer coupon; this way, you can increase your savings. That is what I did with the Dawn dish soap deal. Just be sure to give them the manufacturer coupon first, then the Walgreens coupons. Otherwise, the register will "beep" and not take your coupon.


  1. I love your deals. I also love how you always say the Big town next to your small town. How far of a drive is it from one to the other just out of curiosity?

  2. If I go to the big town, it is about 50 minutes in good weather. I have to go down a 2 lane road about 12 miles and then I can connect to the interstate. That takes me to the town that has the best stores, malls, large hospitals, etc. The small town next to my even smaller town is about 20 minutes away from me (in the opposite direction of the big town). I take the same 2 lane road, but I turn off that road to another 2 lane road. From there, I kind of jiggy-jog my way to the town. There isn't a mall there, but there is a KMart,Wal-Mart,and a Walgreens, plus more fast food places. When the Wal-Mart there became a Super Wal-Mart, boy oh boy, all of us here did the happy dance!

    When I have to go to the REALLY BIG TOWN (where I doctor for my disease), that is 100 miles away. Thankfully, I only have to go about every 3-4 months, unless I have a flare-up. Then it is more often. Oh well, the price you have to pay to live in a rural area! :)

  3. I remember those days of living in a really small town. Well the town had 25,000 but we were 87 miles from a shopping mall or anywhere with any substance. Now we live in a town that has 13000 but is literally 15-20 minutes from the mall and fast food places (not that we go to fast food much with allergies). But everything here is sorta close but yet not right on top of us either if that makes sense.

  4. At last count, my town actually had 4,000 people. But, all of us here think that they counted every dog, cat and chicken to make that total! LOL! :)

    My sister-in-law lives about 11 miles in another very small town outside of my town. They are so small that they can keep chickens, ducks, roosters, virtually any animal except really large ones, right in their yard. It is hysterical! I was at her house, and as I was climbing the stairs to her second floor, I passed a window and as I glanced out, I saw a bunch of chicken-like creatures (honestly, I have NO IDEA what they were), and they were just moseying along the road like they had nowhere to go and all the time in the world to get there!! My sis-in-law hollers down the steps, "boys, so and so has his chickens-roosters-penguins (seriously, I have no idea what they were!) out in the road again. Go catch them." I couldn't stop was so funny!! :)

  5. HEHE, we have a longhorn cow that lives down the street from us. I love the story of the chicken-rooster-penquins

  6. I am happy your dr appointment went well, they can be very tiring. Great you got such deals at Walgreens.
    Your sister in laws house with the animals sounds like my sister in the mountains. I love that way of life but I do not want to go back to it now.

  7. Nice savings!

    Got something new in my page - American flag - that need your opinion please? thanks!

  8. I am almost done with Walgreens. I'm sad because I've been doing is for 1.5 years, but my giftcard is almost empty and the deals aren't so great.

    I got the Ecotrin on Sunday and then spent $7.50 in RR on diapers and milk. I just have the one lone $2RR left. I'm not sure if I'll use it at Walgreens or at my grocery store that takes them. It's more tempting to use RRs there.