Monday, June 1, 2009


Anybody remember that old song, "Monday, Monday?" Ever since I sat down to blog this morning, it has been running thru my head! Quick, anybody, who wrote it?

Anyway, the weekend was glorious, just glorious!! It was absolutely perfect gardening weather, I wasn't sick (yay!), and, best of all, I DIDN'T HAVE ANYWHERE TO GO! Yes, that's right...I was able to stay home and weed, plant, and weed (haha!) to my little heart's content. It was wonderful....

Then, as I was checking on bloggy world yesterday, I saw that I have TWO new followers! WOO-HOO! I was so excited! I'd like to welcome DCRose at dcrose all about cakes and AKMom over at alska mom. I'm telling you what, I was doing the happy dance, and danced all the way to their blogs to check them out. WOW, DOUBLE WOW!! That is all I can say about these gal's blogs!

DCRose has such Fantastic and Unbelievable pictures of cakes that she has just have to go check it out for yourself. I spent quite awhile at her blog just studying the pictures and looking at all of the effort that she puts into her creations.

AKMom also has lovely food pictures and recipes, and best of all, she has pictures of Alaska! I've always dreamed of going time, when I was still single, I seriously thought about taking an Alaskan cruise. Her pictures are simply amazing, and I loved looking at them!! If you have time today, go and visit these two blogs, and you'll see what I mean!!

I am going to a dr. appt. in the Big town next to my Small town, and that means shopping at the mall after the appt! I stumbled upon this when I was going around bloggy world. Yay for all things free! :)

FREE Victoria Secret undies panty ($7.50 value) with this printable coupon for the first 100 customers at each location on June 1, 2009. No purchase necessary. Choose from pink fizz, white, nude, or black. Limit one panty offer per customer.
There is also a $10 off $50 puchase coupon for June 1, 2009 only to use in-store. **Thank you bargain briana for the info on this and the Sonic freebie! **

Then, I saw this one and thought of SonyaAnn....ICE CREAM!!
Free Float Night at Sonic on June 3, 2009 from 8pm to close. You will receive a FREE 10 oz. Root Beer Float while supplies last! Contact your local Sonic to see if they are participating!
That is all for now!! I'm off to the dr. and mall shopping...I'll check back later and let you know if I found any good deals that are blog-worthy! :)


  1. The Mama's and the Papa's??? Am I right??

  2. Oh Wow!! You are totally right!! I just looked it up...The year was 1966! :)

  3. I was around then, 6 years old in 1966, great post, I found some of your followers site very interesting. I thanked my new followers like you. I really do appreciate them.

  4. You're such a lovely lady and very gracious to make an entry to your new followers. Indeed, great deeds reap good fruits in the future.

    Keep smiling. This is my first time visiting here.. I hope to see you more often bec I will keep coming back frequently to check your new entries.

  5. Thank you for thinking of me!!! Ya my butt is getting bigger! But my tummy is happy.

  6. Thank you for posting the coupons.. I so love Victoria Secrets..
    Anyway, I enjoyed reading your posts here, this is one site I would keep on coming back.

    Have a great Monday.

  7. Hello dear, first time visiting here.. Glad to know you have a fabulous weekend. Thanks for posting the coupons... Im going to grab it.

    Happy Monday.

  8. Hello to my new friend! I just want to say how gracious it is of you to do such a beautiful kudos of my blog. Thank you my dear. I have put your badge on my blog. Fondly,