Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Yes, today is WEDNESDAY and that means, (drum roll please), MOM MINUTES!

Only my Mom could find the silver lining in this scenario.......while she and my teen daughter were busy discussing everything and anything on the phone, she was having a minor melt-down and was telling me, via teen daughter, all about it. Come to find out, she had spilled milk ALL OVER the inside of her refrigerator (I still don't know how she managed that!) and she was busy cleaning it out. "Oh well," said she, "At least I have a clean frig now!" I probably would have been saying a little more than that, and it would NOT have been pleasant! LOL!! :)

Without further ado, here are the MOM Minutes by A.Marie's Mom, Earlene:

Every kitchen and bathroom should be fully stocked with an emergency clean-up kit. Have you ever had something messy happen (like milk spilling in a refrig....sorry, Mom, I just had to add that one! :)) and you have had to scurry and scrounge around for a rag, a cloth, a bucket, etc. Well, if you have a handy carry-all parked under your kitchen or bathroom sink, or on a shelf in your laundry or coat closet, then when the unexpected messy events happen, all you have to do is GRAB AND GO!

My highly recommended list of "MUST HAVES" for life's unexpected little surprises:

  1. Broom and Dustpan
  2. Wet Wipes (these work great for little messes on counter tops, floors, doors, etc.
  3. Paper Towels - Bounty is best (did you know that individual rolls are best, because multi-rolls tend to be inferior. I read that somewhere, and it is true!!
  4. Medium Size Kitchen Gloves (protects hands!)
  5. Carpet Cleaner Spray or Foam
  6. Soft Scrub, Ajax, or Comet
  7. Tide-to-Go sticks for emergency clothing stains
  8. Clorox Bleach products (for blood accidents) like Formula 409
  9. Sponge(s) and Rags (I like to use cut-up old t-shirts or towels)
  10. Fantastik (great degreaser and kills bacteria at the same time!)
  11. Spic and Span and Pine Sol or Mr. Clean -- for finished floors
Just put all of these in a container (I like to use a divided bucket with a handle , like the picture above; available at astore.amazon.com) and I tuck it away in a handy location. If your bucket is smaller, and you don't have a lot of room for full-size products, you can pour some of the cleaner into a smaller bottle, clearly label what is inside, and store that in your bucket. Now, when life gets messy, you're ready! :)

Next week, I'll be posting on organizing your medicine cabinet and readying your First Aid Kit for vacations and family outings. So, tune in next Wednesday for more "Mom Minutes!"

I have a new follower, and want to say a big WELCOME to JoeMill over at Brief Stories. I really enjoyed reading the posts, and found them very interesting. I would have probably never found this blog on my own; that's why it is so fun to have new followers! It gives me a chance to get acquainted! So, if you have time, cruise on over there and leave a comment! :)

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  1. Oh Alisa, isn't our mother just so funny. I can actually hear her saying that. I use one of those in each of the bathrooms so when I tell Angela and Michelle to clean the bathrooms, they can't give me any excuse that they can't find the cleaning supplies.

  2. Way to have a positive attitude Mom. I do things like that often, don't know if I would be so positive.

    You are so clever. I love that little caddy!

  3. I LOVE your tips for the "housekeepers box" too cute. I just kinda throw it all under the kitchen sink, you've inspired me to organize it this week, thanks! And thanks for stopping by The Frugal Find!

    Julia @ The Frugal Find

  4. Yep, organization just doesn't seem to come natural for me. Thanks, Mom! You may have actually inspired me!

    I recently read somewhere that using a carpenter's type apron to carry things when you are cleaning cuts down on the time going back and forth for cleaners, rags, etc. I may try that one too.

    Been busy at work this morning or I would've been first to post a comment! :-)

  5. Hello All! My Mom is always so thrilled when people actually comment on her tips; she thinks that nobody would actually want to her what she has to say. I told her, "Mom, you have a Fan Club. They want to hear from you!" :)

    Helene, my mom loves a good tip, and she likes the carpenter's apron idea. She said that this would be much better than those flimsy aprons (with the teeny pocket) that she used to wear!

  6. Mom always has the best ideas. I was thinking(hard to believe) that maybe saving some type of cleaning samples for car would be a good idea. Like cleaning on the fly! I love mom and you A.Marie!

  7. I love the Mom minute tip, I never knew that till now hehehe.. will do that for sure..

    I just noticed that I wasn't following you yet, I thought I was hehehe but i do now.

    I have an award for you...

  8. LOL this reminds me of my milk
    on my blog from January.  I tell you, milk has some real "stick to
    everything" qualities, doesn't it!?