Thursday, August 6, 2009


My alarm went off at 4:45 this morning, and I'm not kidding old alarm clock, with the lovely little "bzzzzz" noise, AND the ability to hit the snooze button died, so I had to drag out this old alarm clock from the bowels of my closet. When it went off this morning, I remember why I chucked it waaaaay in the back; that thing went "BZZZZZZZZZZ" and I'm not kidding, I sat straight up and just about killed myself trying to shut that thing off.....I laid back down and my heart was going
just add a couple of bass drums and some snares, and I'd have been a regular drum line all by myself! Seriously! I have GOT to get a new alarm!!

The hot lunch yesterday was super yummy...they served us spaghetti and garlic bread (all you could eat!) and piles and piles of homemade bars and cookies. Can anyone say carbo heaven?? Ohmygoodness...those kids fell upon that food like vultures who haven't ate in weeks.

I have never, and I do mean never, had so much fun with those kids as I did yesterday. They were absolutely hysterical! I seriously had a sideache from laughing at them! And, as all of us busy mothers know, food ALWAYS tastes better when someone else prepares it; it was just the loveliest lunch, very appetizing and filling, and it "hit the spot." Of course, I just HAD to take a couple cookies back with me for my afternoon snack. I mean, I was working hard in the file room and needed my energy! LOL

Today is more of the same; my sister-in-law and I are working to put all of the band music on the computer. We rigged up a laptop in the file room, and as she is typing in the information, I am working in another file cabinet cleaning up the files, making sure the music is in the right folder, and generally being the gopher-girl.

I don't mind at all; being the gopher means I don't have to stay in the same spot all the time. I like to do the makes the job more interesting!! Plus, I get to sneak out of the band room and go outside and watch the kids.

They are really starting to get their formations "down pat," and they are kinda-sorta starting to look like a Marching Band! I think that this year's show must be a little more confusing to learn, because my son picked it up last year with no problem, but he is having some difficulty with his coordinates* this year, and although he can set* himself, he still doesn't feel comfortable yet.

*Band Moms know what I am talking about; the kids each get a little sheet that tells them where they are to go. Setting themselves is a big deal; this means that they know where to stand and no one has to point it out to them or tell them to move back, over, up, etc.*

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  1. the story about the alarm made me laugh! lol! i can relate to that experience :) u surely had fun! take care and have a blessed day! :)