Wednesday, August 12, 2009


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GUESS WHAT........BAND CAMP IS O.V.E.R...YAY!! It was an intense week, filled with tons of work, tons of laughs, and TONS of memory-making excitement! But, like all good things, this too has come to an end....."To every thing there is a season..."

Am I glad I helped out? You bet! Am I glad it is over?? YOU BET! LOL :)


Sorry, Helene, and everyone else who came over here, expecting to see Mom Minutes, but, instead, you got to read my prattle about band camp....

I OVERSLEPT!! SERIOUSLY! I went to bed last night about 9:00pm, and I did not wake up until 8:30AM! I struggle with fatigue, because of my disease, and any time I over-do it, I pay for it with a variety of symptoms. But, rest helps alot, and I am feeling much better.

But, since it is now going on 10:00am, I am going to delay Mom Minutes until next week.....I promise that I'll make it worth the wait! :)


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**Big thanks to frugalfrenzy for the great link!**


For a great post on thankfulness, hop on over to one of my favorite bloggers, Stacey, and read about why she is so thankful: all stace


I love Pledge products, and I was excited to find this Right At Home pledge coupon!


Anyone out there a fan of Highlights?? My kids loved them when they were younger, and right now, there is a huge clearance sale going on at Check out what you can purchase for $10.00 and under...there is a really cool Knot A Pillow in a Bag that I am eyeing for a very crafty nephew, and the price is only $2.99!! **UPDATE ON PILLOW IN A BAG: It is backordered as are some of the other "hot" items that are under $10.00**


Hope you all have a great Wednesday! :)


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  1. Thanks for stopping by. I love you comments. Band camp!?! Sounds rough. I know it was when I was in High School. My best friend was in the band, they worked them hard.

  2. You deserve to sleep in once an a while. I would love to sleep in till then. I am happy for a 7am though

  3. Hey! Glad to hear that camp is over. Thank you for the shout out today. I greatly appreciate it!

  4. Hooray!! I was beginning to wonder how long your band camp lasts!! I'll bet the kids are happy too! :)

    Maybe you can sleep in this weekend???

  5. We all oversleep once in our lives..enjoy the extra sleep time your body must have needed it.

    Dorothy from grammology