Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WALKING IN A WINTER WONDERLAND (are you prepared for this?)

Good Morning! Is it Wednesday Already?? The week is 1/2 over, and I don't feel like I am getting anything done! How is that possible??

Anyway, I have been enjoying the nice, cool weather. My outdoor cats don't like it, though. They'd rather sit in the nice, hot sunshine, and relax. Lazy things! :)

Mom has been doing her "getting ready for winter" ritual, at her cute, cozy little apartment, so today's segment of "Mom Minutes" is about doing just that....getting ready for winter (I know you are just totally excited about these lovely Midwest winters, right Helene and SonyaAnn?!) HAHA! :)


The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer, and there is a definite chill in the air. My steps on the sidewalk are getting noisy as I crunch through the leaves on my daily walk, and I am craving hot, delicious apple cider with a just-out-of-the-oven slice of apple pie. When this happens, I know that it is definitely FALL!

And, you all know what that means...Winter is Next!

Do you know where all of your cold weather gear is?? Did you hang up last's year's winter coat without a second glance?? I did, and now it is time to find them all again and check on their condition. There is nothing worse than a cold, rainy, winter day, and not knowing where anything is.

Before this happens, open up that coat closet and look at the condition of your coats. Make sure that all of the buttons, snaps, and zippers work. Check the pockets and make sure that everyone has gloves or mittens in them. Do the same with your hats and scarves. Place them in a spot where they will be easily accessible. Umbrellas?? Open them up and make sure that they still function properly. There is nothing worse than an umbrella that is broken...and you are in the slushy rain when you find this out!

Next, find everyone's boots and make sure that they still fit. If not, check the sales ad and flyers and purchase some new ones. Want to make sure that the soles are still in good shape and do not leak? Put some water in the tub, put on the boots, and step in. (The kids think that this is great fun! ) If there is a leak, you'll soon know it! Cold, wet feet make unhappy kids and spouses!

By properly preparing your outerwear now, before you need it, you won't have to panic when that first snowflake falls........ you can just grab your gear and go!
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  1. Too funny. Mom did it again. Last week Alex found one of my winter boots under my bed. Now I KNOW he put it there and left it-you'd be amazed at where he puts things-just a few days again I made banana bread in the tiny loaf pans and my son found one in his firetruck in his bed. Anyway...between Alex and me I am so NOT ready for winter and I figure we have 4 weeks to go. Yikes that doesn't sound long.

    Thanks mom. You seem to have a direct line to my house :-)

  2. For the last two mornings, when I've driven my 9 year old to school, she's been clenching her fists inside the jacket sleeves saying, "I need to dig out my light gloves!"
    Maybe we'll think of it tonight...

  3. This is a very nice winter list, brrr. I am so not ready for it. Have a nice week and thanks for coming by.

  4. This is true! We must get ready. My mom called us aski g what color scarf do we want. :)) I love winter time!! Thank you for visiting my blog :) I so wish I have a shopping buddy. It would be so much fun!! :))

  5. I'm taking the kids for coats this weekend! Yikes. And I love digging into last year's coat pockets and finding a buck--it's like winning the lottery! Have you ever done that?

  6. Oooh...I love to find money in coat pockets! Anything that I find becomes mine! HA! :)

    One time, when my Mom was checking coat pockets at the thrift store, she found a ton of cash. It never was claimed, so the thrift store was able to give it to charity! :)

  7. Next week my kids are out for fall break and I always do the cold weather inventory then. Great tip!