Friday, October 2, 2009

WE'RE GONNA ROCK THIS TOWN! is official....We had the Pep Rally at the school last night, with AWESOME music by the Pep Band, and Homecoming Has Begun! There was a speech of sorts, by one of the football players, and he was really getting the crowd going with his proclamation that the team is going to go to the playoffs this year, and it begins with tonight's game! Boy, did the crowd go wild with that speech! Being the 80s music lover that I am, the title of this post was running through my head! HA! (who sang it...was it the Stray Cats?? what year...1982-3??)

Anyway, the whole thing got over by 9:15pm, and I was tired...but those teenagers were pumped up! So, we'll see how tonight's game goes....I do hope that the rain stays away so that the band can perform (I do have my priorities in order here! HA) and that the football game can go on as planned! GO HAWKS!!
Anyone else have Homecoming this weekend?



  1. We have homecoming too! I'm sure hoping the rain holds out because I'm not going to sit in the rain AND cold--I'll just pop in for half-time. I'm wondering if we'll even march because after the soccer game yesterday, the field is a muddy mess I've heard. Ugh.

    Go Hawks! Hope you win and have a great homecoming! I have two kids going to the dance--and two different photo opportunities at different parts of town. Looks like we'll be splitting up.

  2. Hi Lin! Hope you have a great Homecoming also!! If it is nasty and rainy, I'll just hang out in the band room and watch the half-time show! I am such a weenie! LOL :)

    My son isn't into the homecoming dance thing, so I don't have that to worry about! :)

  3. Our bonfire was canceled last night and they held a pep rally inside. My son didn't tell me until AFTER it was over. TIming! Not sure if the kids are going to the game tonight. They're not much for sitting out in the cold. Son is going to the dance tomorrow, daughter is still up in the air as she couldn't reach her friends last night to see if they're going or not.

    In any case, Go Hawks! Go Knights!

  4. Anna's at Antioch's game now. And she played in the powder puff game on Monday. The boy's football coach was the senior girls coach. He said he loved Anna's intensity! She dominated which was great to watch.
    Have a great weekend!