Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I'm dreaming of summer sun, blue skies, and my pretty sunflowers in the garden..ahhh..I can't wait :)

I'm off to Big Town today for a dr. appointment. Afterwards, I hope to get a little shopping down at the WalMart and possibly Aldi's. I just love Aldi's. Oh, and there is a Dollar Tree there, also. YAY!!

Can you tell I am in a thrifty mood?

I have been figuring up expenses for the last year, mostly the medical expenses, and I have determined that in order to continue paying for the ridiculously high medical premiums, deductibles and copays that we incur, not to mention the OOP expenses for dental and eye, we are going to have to cut back even more on what I spend for food and toiletries. SOOOO....that means I am going to have to get even MORE creative!!

And, since I am getting very leery of using Internet coupons, that means that I am going to have to try and recoup the savings that I will be losing.

But, my coupon-discount-thrifty mind is up to the challenge.

It's my tired body that I have to convince....I am sleepy this morning!! Coffee, here I come! :)

Anyone else feeling the "pinch" and, if so, how are you coping? What are you cutting back on?

Talk to me....I LOVE COMMENTS!!

If you feel like spreading a little bloggy love, go visit hip 2 save and leave her a nice comment. Her follow me monday date night sparked quite a controversy. It involves water and the lemon that started it all....what some people will comment is unbelievable!!



  1. Well as your sister, I think you are doing a wonderful job as a mother, wife and a homemaker. It's not your fault that you have this horrible disease and I wish sometimes you could havae just a normal life.
    Okay, I guess what we have done is when kids go around selling things, we only order from just a couple of kids and when we have to sell things for school, band, ect. those families also buy off of us. I go to the store alone even though it will take me twice as long but that way the kids won't be saying, mom can you buy, hey I need this... I know what they have and if they really need it. For us, with Angela getting ready for her last year, has taken a bit of money even though she is only a JR. we have had to pay for test, she has gone to Band reading clinics which has taken money, when we have activities to go to, we carry a bag of things to eat so we don't have to spend 2 dollars for a water and 2 for a hotdog, we pop our own popcorn and take it to the football games instead of paying 1.50. Hey just look at they way we grew up, I would still rather make homemade cookies instead of eating things off the shelf and spending more. I have stocked up on oatmeal and raisins to make cookies and then liek you freeze them. Hey the frozen bananas are a hit here at the house. :):) Your doing great. Love, sis

  2. Hi Danessa! Just make sure you put those bananas waaaaay back in the freezer....those babies HURT when they fall out and whack you on the head! HAHAHAHAHA!! :)

  3. sorry sis...my fingers are not typing right this a.m., I put two "ss" in your name...ooopsey! :}

  4. Well, thanks a bunch A.Marie. I went to that link and got sucked into the lemonade/popcorn conversations, and I can't even say those people should get a life, because I sat there for almost an hour reading them. LOL!

    But really, as long as no one is being hurt, I think a person should do whatever their conscience will allow when it comes to frugality.

    Why are you leery of Internet coupons? I haven't used them that often, but so far, they've all been accepted when I've tried them.

  5. I think it is so hard to save Money when you have kids at home! My daughter moved out about 3 1/2 years ago and at first we were still helping her out. But know it much easier. We save alot more now! I'm glad to here your up for the Challenge! I know it's hard, but you can do it! :)

  6. I feel your pain. I'm going though the same thing with Christmas and college....Stop! I'm not going to list it all because it will just bring us both down. I can't use internet coupons around here, either. I'm just trying to cut back in every category and go from there. I know that you can do this and I will be cheering you on this entire year!