Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Good Morning!! For those of you following the hip 2 save follow me monday date night and the lemon that started it all (Annie Jones :)), be sure and read this post and the comments....FUNNY!!!

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I also wanted to explain my comment about being leery about internet coupons:

The reason is that my small town $$ General isn't accepting them anymore and the local grocery store is getting "burnt out" from being bombarded with bogus printables.

I tried to explain to the gals at the grocery store that the problem isn't with coupons that honest customers print from and smart source, it is the fact that dishonest consumers take those coupons and (a) photocopy them for multiple copies or (b) try and manipulate the coupon to be a higher value than intended.

My friend at the grocery store then showed me the HUGE stack of bogus online coupons that some customers have used, and it almost is sickening what dishonest people are doing in their quest to "save a buck."

So, that is why I am leery of using's not because of the actual printable coupon, it is because I am never sure that they will be accepted. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I just wanted to clarify that.....for those of you who do use internet coupons, be very wary of those that come in a PDF file....those coupons seem to be the ones that get denied. That is just a FYI! :)

Now on to the reason most of you came here this morning: TADA!


Today's tip involves the humble aloe plant and sandwich bags.

I can just hear Helene saying, "WHAT?"

But, trust me, this is an awesome tip! :)

Years ago, I had a friend who told me about this tip.

She said that if you want to get your sandwich bags dry, after you wash and rinse them, put them over the leaves of your aloe plant. She said that the plant will take the needed moisture from the bag and leave it nice and dry.

I thought she was nuts.

Then I tried it.


AND, my aloe plant never looked better!

So, that is my tip for the day. If you don't have an aloe plant, you are missing out on a kitchen jewel! Not only will it dry those bags, it also comes in handy for burns or scrapes.

Have a blessed day, everyone, and thank you for coming over and reading Mom Minutes!

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  1. Now all I need is an aloe plant. We had one as a kid and it was wonderful. It helped with all of our cuts and bruises!
    And I feel your pain with the coupons. I can't get anyone around here to take ONE printed coupon. And it has been like that for a year+. I think that they might be coming to an end. It's always the dishonest ones that ruin it for all of us! You get used to it though. Good luck!

  2. Good grief she can hear me too!

    Now I have a bad cold. This has been a hard winter.

  3. What can I say, Helene? My Mom can hear all and see all! :):)

    How IS IT that Moms can know everything? And, how is it that I am a Mom, but I don't know everything like MY MOM does? ARGHHHHHH!!! :}

    I'll tell Mom about your cold and I know just what she'll say..."Go to bed, put a little Vicks under your nose so you'll breath better, suck on a cough drop (for some reason, My Mom has this love affair with cough drops), keep a clean hanky nearby to blow your nose (no kleenexes for MY MOM, thank you very much!)and STAY WARM! Drink some 7-UP (it HAS to be that) and you'll feel better in the morning."

    GEE...I DO sound like My Mom! HA!

  4. don't ask me why it has to be 7-UP because I haven't figured it out. I think it is because HER MOM (my wonderful Grandma) always loved that drink. She said it "made her stomach feel better." Geesh...Now I miss Grandma! :)

  5. I can hear what you are saying about the coupons, some people just have to ruin it for others. Thanks for the tip, I am getting one of those aloe plants. Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment, have a nice day.