Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Oh, what a terrible afternoon this has been! Ugh...I don't want to repeat it anytime soon! For those of you who love squirrels, you'll understand this story. For those of you don't, then you are probably going to think I am crazy!

Anyway, I was outside today, checking on my cats, and I saw one of them sitting under a tree, beside a squirrel, and the squirrel was NOT acting right. Since I couldn't believe that a squirrel would let a CAT, of all things, get close to it, I decided I'd better take a closer look. I moved my fat boy cat out of the way and then I saw what was going on. The squirrel couldn't walk straight. It had one side of its head down on the ground and it was walking in circles, around and around. Oh, it was awful. It stopped for a little bit, and I walked over to see why it was acting so funny, but I couldn't see anything visible.

Sooooo, I did what I always do in situations like this....FREAK OUT!

I got the cats and shoved them back into the basement. I was worried about rabies. Then, I called my local vet office, who, bless their hearts, take all of my hysterics in stride. They told me that there was a slim chance it was rabies, but more likely the poor squirrel had encountered some trauma.

So, I went back outside and by this time, the squirrel had somehow managed to get over to the neighborhood flower shop's lawn. I called the owner and explained what was going on and she told me that about an hour earlier, she had heard a gun shot. Now I was just convinced that someone had shot that squirrel!! I went and got a cat carrier, put on thick gloves, and gently pushed that squirrel into the carrier. In doing so, I saw that it had an entrance wound, right by the ear that it had been dragging on the ground, but I couldn't see any exit wound. I called the police dept. and reported what the flower shop owner had said.

After talking with the police, I called the vet back and they agreed to put the little squirrel out of its misery. They were also going to see if the cause of death could be determined.

A couple of hours later, they called back and said that whatever had happened to that squirrel, it wasn't from a gun shot (THANK GOODNESS), but from falling and getting struck through the side of the head, right by the ear. I am soooo thankful for a caring vet office. They treated that little squirrel so kindly (I had already named it Peanut) and didn't charge me anything. My "fee" is a pan of homemade brownies....I am going to make them some ooey-gooey-rich-and-chewy caramel ones!!!

So, that was my day! I am exhausted!



  1. Oh no! What a poor little fellow. While I am relieved that nobody had hurt him, I'm still feeling bad that he was so hurt. It was so kind of you to take him to be put out of his misery--you have a very kind heart. I hope your little squirrel angel smiles upon you, A.Marie. Thank you for looking out for the little guys of the world. :)

  2. Thanks Lin...You always know just what to say! :) I cried and cried because of the poor little thing....Oh, it was just awful....

  3. Wow that does sound like a crazy day! That is so nice of you to make some brownies for your Vet! My fat cat has been catching lizards latley! She has carried 3 lizards in the house already! It is so wierd, she pulled the tail off one and it was wiggeling all around, I thought it was a worm till I saw the tailess lizard not far away! So now my cats are not aloud outside for awhile.

    Hope you have a better day!
    Hugs, Linda