Thursday, June 24, 2010


.....when it comes to making a good white sauce, or roux (for those of you who are food connoisseurs at heart!)!!!

So, I was super excited to finally discover an awesome product that even I can't mess up. I sent away for a sample of this about a month ago, and when it came, I just put it into my cupboard. Well, I had some leftover broccoli that I wanted to use up, and I couldn't figure out what to do with it. So, I cooked it and looked at it and had one of those "aha!" moments......I dug out that little sample packet, followed the directions, and within minutes, I had AMAZING broccoli-cheese soup!

It was to die for! My family just raved about it...hubby even took the leftovers with him to work the next day!!

Anyway, the product is called Shirley J Universal Sauce. It is super easy to use and totally fool-proof! It never weeps, curdles, or breaks, and it's 1/4 of the calories compared to a make-from-scratch cream sauce. That is really good news for hubby, as he is really trying to lose weight. It also uses heart-healthy sunflower oil; this is also good news for hubs, as he has to also manage his cholesterol levels.

In fact, this product is so awesome that I am going to buy it in bulk and keep it on hand. I see endless possibilities for me! I would love to say that I am getting paid for this review, but, alas, I'm not. It's just an honest from-me-to-you recommendation of this wonderful product. If you were lucky enough to snag a sample awhile back, pull it out of the cupboard and give it a try! You'll see why I am so amazed with it!!!!

this picture is courtesy of the Shirley J website...but my soup looked alot like this...



  1. I Love broccoli cheese soup! I have never made it but I order it out when ever possible..
    In fact that sounds pretty yummy right now...


  2. Awesome! I'm going to have to check that out! Just did a roux last night for some gravy and some the other day for some elfredo sauce for some chicken elfredo pizza.
    This looks yummy!

  3. looks so yummy.

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