Monday, June 28, 2010

My calendar says that it is June 28.....ACK! Why does Summer go by soooo quickly? Why does it seem that Winter lasts forever, spring hardly comes at all, Summer just whooshes by, and then BAM!! It is Fall??!!!

Anyway, I am going to just enjoy it while I can and try to eeeekkk out all the pleasures of summer, minus the bugs and the heat! HA!

I was working out in my backyard the other day, and I saw that some of my solar lights were out. But, I am just way too cheap to want to replace them. I tried putting new batteries in some of them, but, alas, that didn't work. I really need something back there, though, because there is no light at all and it is very, very dark. You see, most of the streets in town have alleys. With pole lights. It isn't so dark that way. But, not my block. Our back yards are very deep, because of having no alley, and unless a person wants to spend the money and put some kind of light pole back there, it just stays dark. That is why my solar lights work out so well. I get light and don't have to spend alot of $$! That is why I was so excited to find these on Today's Target Daily Deal (6/28):

8-Pack Miravista Solar Lights

Price: $49.99 (was $99.99)
Use coupon code "MT9ZC7RW" to save additional 10%
Final Cost = $44.99 + Free Shipping !!

Product Features:
Power Source: Solar-Powered
Finish: Glossy
Metal Finish: Chrome
Features: Stake or Hang
Light Bulb Type: LED
Number of Light Bulbs: 2
Brightness (Lumens): 0
Includes: Ground Stakes, Rechargable Batteries
Number of Pieces: 8
Frame Material: Plastic, Aluminum
Care and Cleaning: Wipe Clean With a Damp Cloth
Dimensions: Length: 19.0 "; Width: 5.0 "; Depth: 5.0 "

**Big thanks to Smart Couponing for the heads up on this deal!!

**A. Marie**


  1. I have to agree... Summer goes by way to fast, before you know it I will have to go back to work... I need lights in our back yard also.. I would love to have those solor one's... with all the sun we get here, they should light up our whole back yard....


  2. That is a great deal and they look really sturdy. I bet the back yard will look great!
    Have a great Wednesday!