Monday, March 28, 2011


Hmmm...I just realized something very interesting about Bloggy World.  It can be a vicious, dog-eat-dog world out there in Blog Land.  I'm sorry to say this, but women bloggers can be MEAN!  And, I do mean MEAN!   A few months ago, I had a FB blogger "friend" (I use that term very loosely) who fired off a nasty message after she wrongly assumed that I was "stealing" all of her good deals and posting them, on FB, without giving her the credit. 

And, she was correct, but there was one small problem with her accusation.  This happened a couple of times and it was because FB was messing up, not me.  You see, you can type an @ sign before someone's name, when you are posting, and it is supposed to bring up that person's name.  I was doing that, but their name wasn't appearing.  However, I didn't know that it wasn't appearing.  It looked fine to me, on my end.  Her nasty-gram took me by surprise....she could have just messaged me and said something like, "Hey! What's the deal?"  I would have been okay with being called on the carpet for it.  At least I would have have known about the problem.  I didn't have any idea that (a) it wasn't showing up and (b) I wasn't doing it right.

That left a bad taste in my mouth for a few days....I felt like hiding under a rock...or putting a bag over my face...I was sooo embarrassed...
Fast forward to today:

Today, now, I basically was accused, by email, of lying about how I conducted a giveaway.  Seriously.  I am going to go and hide under a rock now, and come up for air, oh, say, next week.  Sometimes, in Bloggy World, only the strong survive, and I'm not sure that I am one of them.  As a newbie blogger 2 years ago, I read on one woman's blog that in order for her to do this (blogging), she had to develop a very thick skin. 

That's my problem....I am thin-skinned.  I take everything so personal and feel badly when I can't make everyone happy. 

So, to those who I have upset, all I can say is, "I'm Sorry!"  I can't promise that I won't mess up again, because I will.  That is who I am! 

Now to go and find that rock........   ;}



  1. Oh, please don't hide! We will miss you too much. And please try not to let the mean people get under your skin too much. {{hugs}}

  2. I agree with Annie!! Besides, isn't that Patrick's rock?
    I once did a post on something that really ticked me off and someone took so much offense to it that they posted a response longer than my post... They ripped me up. I am thin skinned too... so after sitting there in shock for a while, I deleted my post. I don't post anything too controversial anymore. (I hadn't realized THAT was!!) and I don't do too many giveaways anymore. Not everyone can be the winner and I usually lose a follower or two every time I do. I've tracked it!
    Silly grumblers out there...

  3. Seriously? Someone was angry because you did not give them credit for a "deal" that was posted? Was it her original content, or did she find out about it somewhere else? I would be willing to bet the latter.

    As for a giveaway, it cracks me up when people get angry about them. If you do not win, you did not have it in the first place, so it is not going to change anything. Haha.

    Girl, do not let the grumblers of the world get you down. Your Son shines brighter than anything that anyone can do or say to try to bring you down.

  4. Awwww...too bad some people are so mean, I'm proud to say you have actually helped me as a blogger. Many bloggers won't give anyone the time of day, but you are honest ans sincere.

  5. Hugs! Some people are pretty "brave" behind their computers. Sad really. No point in giving them any satisfaction though. Do your own thing and be happy!!

  6. "Like" Queenie Jeannie's comment.

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  8. To those of you who left me a comment, check your email....I emailed you all something important...

  9. Awww...please don't go hide under a rock. I've only just come by your blog and would hate to miss your postings. Some people do not have the ability to handle things in an adult way. I always say, ask a question first and then wait for an answer. Coming at you with accusations, without first allowing you to state your side is wrong and unfair. She isn't worth it...if you know you did the right thing and tried to make it right, then don't let her get to you too much.

    I know it hurts, it will for awhile, because we all want to please others, but I have learnt a long time ago that we can't please everyone.

    You are doing well here and you have a lot of people who love coming by and reading what you post. You have supporters. Don't let the few who don't bring you down.


  10. Thanks for stopping by over at my place today. I'm excited to be apart of our little group.

    I can't believe how mean women can be in real life, but unfortunately when hiding behind computers it is too easy to set aside decency and love for others.

    I am so sorry that this has happened to you.

    I will be praying for you and for those involved that the love of Christ will shine through you to them.

  11. Oh, A.Marie, please do not hide under a rock. There are a lot of us that love you to pieces.

    I have one response to anyone that was mean to you and that response is:


    Try to ignore them. I know it is hard, but try to. Oh, yeah, and unfriend them!

  12. I'm so sorry that you had to deal with an @$$ or 2. We all have to. And I'm with Frances-spit out a couple of naughties!
    I've had some pretty harsh words said over my books and I've taken a few hits on my blog too. To Hell with all the haters! We may have to deal with it once in a while but they have to live in the "mean" that they have created.